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A Lookback At Some Of The Most Successful Instagram Advertising Campaigns of 2019

The digital age is what we live in today. In many ways, we are dependent on the internet way more today than past generations have ever experienced. When we think of anything that we want, our first reaction is to go to the internet.

Whether what we are looking for is information, a product, reviews of the product, or even just the daily news, all we need do is click on a few keys or tap on a screen, and it is all instantly available.

When you think of the internet and anything digital, the first thing that comes to mind is social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are now among the key platforms on which people communicate and discuss trending issues.

It is no surprise then that brands are leveraging these platforms to reach their target audience and improve the visibility of their products and services. Options such as paid advertising on Instagram and Facebook help these brands further with more niche targeting.

Digital marketing, as an industry, has seen to have an impressive impact on brand recall as well as revenues generated through campaigns.

Top Instagram Advertising Campaigns of 2019

The success of an advertising campaign is measured by its performance on several parameters. These are the engagement of an audience with the brand’s content and the ability of the campaign to successfully communicate its message to the target audience.

When it comes to engagement, the measures of success are further divided into likes, comments, re-shares, and in some cases, the participation of the target members.

Let us now take a look at a few of the most successful Instagram advertising campaigns of 2019, and what made them so popular.

1. Starbucks: #ExtraShotOfPride

Starbucks partnered with Lady Gaga and Born This Way  Foundation to spread awareness about the LGBTQ community during Pride Month. With the hashtag #ExtraShotOfPride, the brand encouraged users to make donations that it would match.

By supporting the cause as well as showcasing how the company itself is an inclusive employer with quotes from employees, Starbucks solidified its already loyal customer base even further.

2. Gillette: #TheBestMenCanBe

When the #MeToo campaign swept the world over with allegations of sexual harassment, this men’s shaving brand reworded their slogan ‘The Best A Man Can Get’ to ‘The Best Men Can Be.’

With the hashtag #TheBestMenCanBe trending on Twitter and Instagram, the brand spoke up against toxic masculinity and pledged to drive “change that matters.”

The video launched by the brand for this campaign garnered over four million views in a single day on YouTube. Further, the brand has dedicated $1 million per year to non-profit organizations that work to help men of all ages achieve their goals and be their best.

3.  Dove: #ShowUs

This campaign was launched by the beauty brand with the aim to redefine beauty standards and make them more inclusive to represent individuals of different shapes, sizes, colors, as well as from under-represented communities such as the LGBTQ and those with disabilities.

Statistics from surveys showed 70% of women felt unrepresented in advertising and “pressurized to reach an unrealistic standard of beauty.” This and more drove the project #ShowUs.


In a collaboration with Getty Images and Girlgaze, Dove launched this project to create a never-seen-before repository of images of women showcasing diversity, uniqueness, and a more inclusive vision of what beauty is.

The hashtag #ShowUs quickly gained attention on social media platforms, and users are still using it to showcase themselves and redefine beauty standards. The campaign has been a huge success and has been praised for its efforts to encourage women to change the status quo.

4. Pantone: #GlowingGone

The color institute made the color of 2019, “The Living Coral.” The brand partnered with Adobe to launch the #GlowingGone campaign through which it aimed to spread awareness about the decimation of the world’s coral reefs.

Individuals were asked to create images using three color codes – #0029fd (blue), #FFFF05 (yellow), and #9007f9 (purple) that would illustrate the threats to corals today. These entries were shared on Instagram and Twitter with the campaign hashtag and then compiled to be showcased on the gallery.

The website created for the campaign contains details about the condition of coral reefs and what individuals, groups, and companies can do to support the restoration of this ecosystem. The campaign saw participation from well-known names like Ian Somerhalder, Adrian Grenier, and Phillipe Cousteau.

These four campaigns are only a glimpse into the world of truly amazing, impactful advertising. With each passing year, it has become evident that platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are taking over from Facebook.

With new features like Instagram story ads and IGTV, this platform, in particular, is seeing enormous success as a tool for marketing and advertising. Video advertising, especially, is making waves in the industry.

In conclusion

Almost every successful campaign has a video at its helm, as we see even in the four campaigns measured here. Whether it is a way to explain a contest or the crux of the campaign itself, videos are a sure way to leave a lasting impact.

If you are the owner of a business, Instagram advertising is an avenue you should definitely consider exploring. However big or small your business is, it is a great way to put out the word about your products and services.

While static images may do a good job of showing your product, videos up the game a notch. Of course, the idea of putting out videos may seem like a daunting task.

There are professional individuals and companies who specialize in creating videos for the Instagram format. Further, if you are looking for an option that involves very little financial investment, there are always websites that allow you to create your own videos.

One such website is Invideo. With a user-friendly interface and a simple process, this website will allow you to create videos from scratch in no time at all.

All you have to do is choose the images or videos you want to add to your video, select a music track or a voice-over clip, and add your own captions!

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