Study plan derived from SSC CGL 2020 syllabus

The major job opening notification for the graduates has been released. The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducting the Common Graduation Level (CGL) examination releases every year the number of vacancies and invites aspiring candidates to apply for the same. The students are required to practice and clear their concept on numerous topics to cover the entire SSC CGL 2020 syllabus. In order to do so and ace this exam, the aspiring candidates can consider the following study plan. 

Before getting started with the study plan, the students are required to be well aware of the exam pattern. The following table shows the highlight of the exam.

Events Dates
SSC CGL Tier l Exam2nd to 11th March
SSC CGL Tier l ResultTo be notified later
SSC CGL Tier ll Exam22nd to 25th June 2020
SSC CGL Tier ll ResultTo be notified later
SSC CGL Tier lll ExamTo be notified later
SSC CGL Tier lV ExamTo be notified later

The above-mentioned dates are tentative, so the students are advised to be updated with the latest notification from time to time. 

SSC CGL 2020 Syllabus 

The first and foremost thing for the candidates before diving into the study plan, is to keep a handy note on the SSC CGL 2020 syllabus. Keeping a printout of the updated syllabus will help to cover the entire topics mentioned and would boost confidence. 

Quantitative Aptitude

Only practice can help candidates to clear this section. The topics to be covered under this section is mentioned below. The focus should be aimed at practising the following topics vigorously. 

  • Mensuration
  • Algebra & Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Time, speed and distance, Time and Work


Practising the main topics under this section is a must for the aspirants. This section tests the reasoning ability of the candidates. Focusing on the following topics can help to ace the exam. 

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Non-verbal reasoning
  • Analogy
  • Number Series
  • Coding-Decoding 

English Language 

It may seem to be easy but isn’t at all. The candidates are advised to get their concepts clear regarding grammar. Revise the concepts of high school grammar topics to cover SSC CGL 2020 syllabus easily. Besides that, the following topics should also be practised vigorously.

  • Reading comprehension
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • One-word substitution
  • Spotting error
  • Grammar   

General Awareness

After quants, this section is considered tough for the candidates. Thorough practise can only help to answer the questions under this section to cover SSC CGL 2020 syllabus. Candidates who have appeared in the past for this examination have reported this section to be lengthy so the aspiring candidates are advised to prepare well. One should skip those questions over which they’re not confident about the answer as ¼ the mark will be cut for every wrong answer. Focus on the following topics.

  • Current affairs
  • Economics 
  • General Science
  • History
  • Geography  

Time Management

Practice makes a man perfect, but this exam demands time management as well. The following table of time management on a day to day basis can help to cover the SSC CGL 2020 syllabus

General Awareness2 hours
English language 2 hours
Reasoning ability2 hours
Quantitative Aptitude4  hour

Study plan for SSC CGL 2020 syllabus 

The study plan focuses on covering the entire SSC CGL 2020 syllabus in 2 months time. 

DateQuantitative AptitudeEnglish LanguageReasoning abilityGeneral Awareness
Day 1 Percentage, ratio, & proportion One-word substitutionAnalogyHistory
Day 2 Square Roots, Average One-word


Day 3 Mock setOne-word substitutionProblem-solvingHistory 
Day 4Profit & Loss, Discount, InterestMock setProblem- solving Culture
Day 5 Partnership BusinessIdioms and phrasesDecision Making and DiscriminationCulture
Day 6 Mixture and alligationIdioms and phrasesRelationship ConceptsCulture
Day 7Mock setIdioms and phrasesMock setPast year paper
Day 8Previous papers setComplete revisionReasoningGeography
Day 9Time & Distance, Time & workMock setMathematical reasoningGeography
Day 10Algebra, identities Past paper setStatement conclusionPractice set
Day 11Triangle & its various kindsSynonym and antonymsStatement conclusionPrevious paper
Day 12Mock testSynonym and antonymsCoding and decodingEconomic scene
Day 13Past paper setMock testJudgementEconomic scene
Day 14Angles subtended by chords, Circle & its chordsPast paper setMock testPractice set
Day 15Angles subtended by chords, Circle & its chordsImproving SentencesPast paper setPast paper set
Day 16Congruence & similarity of trianglesImproving sentencesPast paper setPast paper set
Day 17Complete revisionImproving sentencesoperationsGeneral science
Day 18Complete revisionMock testSyllogistic reasoningGeneral science
Day 19Mock testComplete revisionVenn diagramsGeneral science
Day 20Mock testSpotting errorsComplete revisionGeneral polity and scientific research
Day 21Past paper setPast paper setAddress matchingGeneral polity and scientific research
Day 22Past paper setSpotting errorsComplete  revisionPractice set
Day 23 Focus on the weak areaSpotting errorsMock testPast paper set
Day 24 Common tangents to two or more circlesMock testPast paper setPast paper set
Day 25 Common tangents to two or more circlesPast paper setPast paper setIndian polity
Day 26Quadrilaterals, Polygons, circle, prism, cone, cylinder, spheres, hemispheresPast paper setMock testIndian polity
Day 27Quadrilaterals, Polygons, circle, prism, cone, cylinder, spheres, hemispheresReading comprehensionNumber codingIndian polity
Day 28Triangle, Quadrilaterals, Polygons, circle, prism, cone, cylinder, spheres, hemispheresReading comprehensionNumber codingPast paper set
Day 29Mock testMock testCritical thinkingComplete revision
Day 30Past year papersPast year papersSeries problemDams and heritage sites
Day 31Parallelepiped, Regular right pyramid, RectangularComplete revisionSeries problemComplete revision
Day 32Parallelepiped, Regular right pyramid, RectangularComplete revisionComplete revisionComplete revision
Day 33Degree & radian MeasuresFill in the blanksPast year papersComplete revision
Day 34Standard identitiesFill in the blanksDate & city matchingBook and authors
Day 35Complete revisionGrammarNon-verbal reasoningBook and author
Day 36Complete revisiongrammarNon-verbal reasoningAbbreviations
Day 37Mock testgrammarNon-verbal reasoningAbbreviations
Day 38Mock testGrammarNon-verbal reasoningMock test
Day 39Complementary anglesMock testNon-verbal reasoningMock test
Day 40Heights & Distances, HistogramMock testComplete revisionPast year papers
Day 41Relationships between numbersCloze passageMock testPast year papers
Day 42Bar diagram & pie chartCloze passagePast year papersCurrent affair
Day 43Bar diagram & pie chartPast year papersPast year papersCurrent affair
Day 44 Complete revisionFocus on weak areasFocus on weak areasComputer section
Day 45Mock testMock testPast year paperComputer Section
Day 46Mock testMock testPast year papersPerson and place news
Day 47Focus on weak areasMock testFocus on weak areaPersons and place in news
Day 48Past year papersPast year papersMock testPractice set
Day 49Past year papersPast year papersPast year papersMock test
Day 50Mock testPast year papersMock testMock test
Day 51Past year papersMock testMock testFocus on weak area
Day 52Mock testFocus on weak areaMock testComplete revision
Day 53Past year papersMock testFocus on weak areaMock test
Day 54Focus on weak areasComplete revisionMock testPast year papers
Day 55Mock testMock testMock testPast year papers
Day 56Past year papersPast year papersFocus on weak areasMock test
Day 57Past year papersMock testMock testMock test
Day 58Mock testMock testMock testMock test
Day 59Mock testMock testMock testMock test
Day 60Complete revisionComplete revisionComplete revisionComplete revision

Sticking to the above mentioned study plan will help the aspiring students to a great extent in covering the SSC CGL 202 syllabus. One should keep in mind that only practice can help to clear this exam. Time management and practice are the keys to success in the SSC CGL examination.

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