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SEO Strategies to Get Top on SERP {Updated 2020}

SEO Strategies to Get Top SERPs

As we all know that search engines, with time, change their ranking strategies in order to provide the best quality based search results to its users. In the same way, SEO which is an important part of internet marketing has to change its strategies accordingly to provide sustained higher rankings to its customers. I would like to keep it precise and simple for your clear understanding, which is the first SEO strategy for getting better SERPs and I would like to have expert views on the following SEO strategy defined.

I have figured out an SEO formula to compete in the search monsters and would like to share with dear readers to evaluate and send me their opinions:

“Useful Web Content + Good Looking Web Pages + High Quality Inbound Contents + Local Business Existence = Higher Ranks in Search Engines”

It is now very simple to grasp the flaws in a website for SEOs nowadays as there are various SEO tools available to do the job for you.  So the first point, in my opinion, is to fix the errors and groom your website to have a better look and feel of the website that has a complete structure in the sense that it provides what a user is looking for.  For a minute, consider yourself in user shoes and then evaluate the website design, structure, and navigation.  A user will definitely go searching for a website that looks attractive and better at surfing. A website page that lacks, and is useless equals to “classic boring”.  With such websites, it’s pretty tough to get ranks and may never achieve top rankings in the search engines.  Users will always prefer a better-looking website plus a website that provides useful information to help them out in making their decision.

Now another question arises that will a better-looking website do the job? The answer is No; it must be useful to the user in the sense that it should provide what it meant for without wasting the time of the user. By putting good deals and discount offers related to user interest will surely work. User’s ratings and opinions in the form of polls, vote’s product rating and reviews, etc., are good to add in your website pages. It’s a really good way to generate traffic and get higher rankings in search engines.

SEO Tips

Never to forget the SEO content and inbound SEO strategy application, which will surely work when potential and quality pages are constructed effectively and linked to each other, because like an advertisement if your words are catchy enough to attract customers then there is no chance that you will fail to rank high in search engines. It is due to quality content that search engines are always in a search of and fresh one.

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SEO Tips to Make Your URL Structure Tempting

Do you want to make your website URLs more likable by the users and search engines? Here is the answers to the ambiguities related to what exactly should be the URL structure of the website to make it more comfortable for the users and the search engines to understand easily and what are they going to get from the particular web page.

Today, I would recommend my dear users few SEO tips to construct or to rewrite their URLs according to both users and search engines. Recently I have received various questions asking about the preferred URLs structure, comparing directory structure and the direct structure to rank well in the SERPs.

SEO Tips

In my opinion, it really doesn’t matters for search engines whether it is directory structure or direct structure of the URL because both are defined to direct the users and the search engine crawlers to the exact location of your web page. I will prefer to have a direct URL structure because it makes the work of search engines much easy to crawl your website and to get to all of your internal pages. In this way, the crawler does not have to dig through all the pages of your website to get to the last landing page instead it jumps directly from the home page to the landing page. Keeping a direct URL structure also helps in passing page rank value of the home page to the internal pages and automatically value is given to the landing page instead of distributing the categories and year pages which will ultimately pass on less page rank value to the internal pages.

From the user point of view, it is like preferred to have a directory structure to guide users to the exact category of interest and surf through all the posts to find what he or she is looking for. Users are very clever and like direct access to an interesting page where they may find everything which they are looking for. So for such users, a direct URL structure is preferred to promote your product and service pages to one step away from the home page. These SEO tips will help in ranking your home page well and promote your internal pages automatically in the search monsters. If you are not sure how to do all these things we recommend hiring one good SEO agency in Paris.

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