Luminous Solar Panels: Complete Review {2021}

Solar panels and solar energy is catching up as an economical, eco-friendly, and reliable mode of energy. The manufacturers invest in offering various brands of solar panels for your home. The technology is developing at a high speed.

Solar power has gone from being an environmental luxury to a potential energy provider and Luminous solar panels appear to be the perfect example of that because it is marketed as a simple, efficient way to give your home a little more power via the sun. Having experience of 32 years in engineering and manufacturing Luminous is a well-known brand when it comes to inverters, inverter batteries, and solar panels.

Luminous manufactures solar panels of different sizes and different capacities in polycrystalline and monocrystalline. Here we will discuss every feature of the Luminous solar panel to conclude if it is a good choice for your rooftop solar need or not.


  • All solar panel comes with 25 years of performance warranty
  • Luminous panels offers resistance against wind pressure and snow load
  • Luminous solar panels are waterproof and corrosion resistant
  • Can perform under low light condition
  • Best in class efficiency compared to other PV modules
  • High strength Aluminium frame structure
  • Comes in different capacities ranging from 40 Watt to 370 Watt

Efficiency: Efficiency is most crucial while selecting the solar panel. Efficiency of the solar panel is calculated on the basis of input power per square meter and output power per square meter. Luminous polycrystalline panels delivers efficiency of up to 16% while Luminous monocrystalline panels delivers efficiency of up to 19%. Which is considered pretty good compared to other solar panel brands.


Warranty Period: Luminous solar panel comes with two types of warranty – Performance warranty and manufacturer warranty. Performance warranty protects against efficiency/output of the panel during the warranty period while the manufacturer warranty protects against defects and functionality of the solar panels during the period. Luminous solar panel comes with 25 years performance warranty and 5 years and 12 years manufacturer warranty for panels below 300W and above 300W respectively.

Capacity: Luminous solar panels comes in different capacities 40 Watt, 60 Watt, 80 Watt, 105 Watt, 165 Watt with the rated voltage of 12 Volt. Other capacities are 330 Watt and 370 Watt with the rated voltage of 24 V. By adding multiple numbers of panels in series or parallel customers can reach the demand.

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Temperature Coefficient: Temperature coefficient is a factor that determines the effect of temperature on the functionality of the panel. Lower the temperature coefficient is better for performance. The temperature coefficient of Luminous solar panel is far better compared to other brands.

Solar Panel Temperature Coefficient

Durability: Solar panel comes with the strong Aluminium frame structure.

Panels can withstand high wind pressure, snow load, and heavy rains. Moreover, panels are corrosion resistant, waterproof, and can work under low light conditions. Panels also comes with anti-reflective coating which helps in the absorption of more light.

Monocrystalline/Polycrystalline:  There are two types of the solar panel. One is called monocrystalline. This type of solar panel is made of silicon crystal. The second type is Polycrystalline solar panels which are made up of smaller individual cells that look like a tiled surface. Monocrystalline panels are preferred to use in high-temperature environments while Polycrystalline panels are preferred to use in low-temperature environments. Luminous manufactures both types of panels so you don’t have to worry about the type of panel while choosing this brand.

Mono vs Poly Solar Panel

Service/Support: Luminous have 290+ service centers in all over India for sales and service. Luminous provides paperless warranty and customers can register their warranty online. Customers can reach Luminous customer support team at their toll-free number, Whatsapp number, or on mail provided on their official website for support.

Installation: Luminous also provides installation service at the charges ranging from ₹15 to ₹20 per watt. Suppose if you want to install the panel of 60 Watt capacity then approx charges will be 60*15 = 900 Rupees.

Compliance: Luminous solar panels are compliant to IEC standards (International Electrotechnical Commission). Panels are manufactured considering all the safety and quality guidelines given by IEC.


  • Luminous solar panels delivers best in class efficiency which is good for saving money on long term
  • Luminous have 290+ service centers across India that is much higher than other solar brands
  • Quality of the solar panels is top-notch
  • Luminous is a 32 years old brand having experience in engineering and manufacturing
  • Performance warranty of 25 years is long enough period for consistent performance of your panels
  • You can buy a full solar solution package from Luminous. If you choose another brand you might need to buy inverter of other brands, the battery from other brands, and installation by 3rd party. If you choose Luminous then you get everything at one place to get your solar system running including installation service.


After considering all of the above factors we think Luminous solar panel is a good choice for your domestic or commercial solar need.

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