HP Customer Service

HP Customer Service

HP Customer Service Number: 1800-425-4999 Toll Free

HP printers have become an important equipment of our everyday life. But you may have to face various problems that causes hindrance in using the printers. There may be problems which appears again and again. Every time you have problem of jammed papers, error message or spotty printing or low ink level or some other problem you panic that how you will solve this problem in such situation you should contact in HP customer service number. Here our experts will handle the situation as soon as you contact them.

HP Customer Service

Different Situations In Which Hp customer service Team Helps

Paper Jam:

Paper jam is one of the most common problem faced while printing. There are various factors which contribute to paper jam. These includes crumpled papers and printer roller problems. And once you find that the paper has jammed then you should immediately stop printing then you have to turn off the printer and then you should pull it out towards the printing path because if you try to push it inside then it may damage your printer more. If you are unable to recognise the reason of jam, then you can contact us in our Hp help Here our executives will guide you through the steps by which you can resume printing.

Poor Quality Of Print:

Many times you will find white lines along the paper and there may be blotchy and spotty printing. There are mainly two reasons for such issues one is that your ink cartridge is empty and other is that the print heads that are the tubes which transfers ink from the cartridge to paper is blocked. If you want to solve this problem, then you have to replace the ink cartridge and clean the print heads. Even after that you find that the quality of printing has not improved then you can take help of Hp support.

Error Messages:

Sometimes you will find that the printer is refusing to print and you are getting the error messages whenever you are trying to print. In such case you have to check whether you are having proper cable connections in your printer as well as in your computer. You should also ensure that the cables are plugged firmly in the proper ports and the devices are getting enough power supply. If even after that you find that still you are receiving error messages, then you can dial Hp customer service number for getting relevant help.

Problem In Settings:

Suppose before you start printing you should make sure that you have made the proper settings before printing. You have to make sure that you have selected the proper device for printing. This you can do by clicking on start then on devices and then on printers and you have to select your default printer. If you find that it is still not working, then you have to open the printer and have to check whether anything is blocking the rollers or the ink cartridges.

Once the you commune your grievances to our Hp customer service team, then they will come up with most economic ways to fix the issue. There are various issues such a paper jam which may be caused when some object has fallen into the input tray or the paper may be loaded incorrectly in paper tray or there is damaged or dirty paper rollers, there may be error in printing like faint printing and many more. There may be various other issues that causes hindrance in using Hp printers but our team has the solution for all the issues. Hence you will get the best solution for all the issues within short duration of time.

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