3 High-End Smartphones That Are Worth Your Money (1) (1)

3 High-End Smartphones That Are Worth Your Money 🔥🔥

Your smartphone is a source of your entertainment, photo camera, smart control device, social media hub and more. It probably never leaves your side and when you’re making a choice to buy a high-end smartphone you should do thorough research. 👉

Tips for Choosing Your Smartphone

Before you start looking for a phone, it’s good to understand the following features. First, you should check the processor. You can’t expect a powerful performance without a good CPU. Good examples are the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip, Apple A13 Bionic, Exynos 990. The battery life is always important for any type of smartphone. So, it’s good to know that the average battery life is 5 hours, while above-average is 10-15 hours.

A high-end smartphone is a good choice for anyone that relies on their smartphone for their jobs like social media managers, videographers, or experienced gamers that love mobile gaming and need a smartphone with the best features. In our guide, you will find more information about the latest high-end smartphones that are a great option for anyone that can afford them.


iPhone 11

In 2018 Apple’s iPhone X was considered one of the best smartphones in the world. We can safely say that in 2020 their new iPhone 11 is the best smartphone on the market so far. The iPhone 11 has three high-end cameras, introducing wide-angle for the first time and the best low light photo quality. Its other features are equally amazing – you get a top OLED display A14 Bionic CPU and long battery life.

Moreover, with this smartphone, you get a fast charger that charges your phone up to 50 percent in 30 minutes. The biggest disadvantage of this model is the durability of the design. Apple has claimed that the front and back of the model has the toughest glass in the current market, but many users have since complained that this isn’t true. Hence, we would advise investing in a good phone case.

Razer Phone 2

This smartphone is especially popular among gamers as it has a marvelous display and features. One of the best aspects of this model is the large 4000mAh battery that supports quick/wireless charging and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. It is also the only Smartphone with a 120Hz touch sampling and refreshes rate display. Whether you’re looking to play first shooter games like Call for Duty or you play survival games like Fortnite, this smartphone creates a seamless gaming experience for everyone.


Razer Phone 2 and Online Casino Games

For online casino players, a good smartphone can make a difference from the games they can play online to how fast the games load and run on the device. And most players want to find a selection of casino games to play with real rupees that features new and exciting games. You don’t want a phone that limits you in playing casino games in any way.

That is why it’s important you pick a model with great storage, fast processor and a big screen. Most players that love playing table games find it much easier to stay focused when they have a large screen. Although anyone that likes playing casino games on screens that are bigger than 7 inches,( the Razer Phone 2 has a big 5.72-inch screen) should consider buying a tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Plus is a remarkable device for busy professionals and anyone that wants a large phone. It has the best screen on a phone with Infinity-O cutout which means you can expect a little interruption to the display. Regarding battery life, it can last you a whole day plus you will be able to charge it with its fast charger in less than an hour.

The worst feature of the phone is the camera, for the price you can find much better on the market. But, if this isn’t an important feature for you, this smartphone still offers excellent performance and durability. In addition, it comes with a Handy S pen stylus, you can use for taking notes or drafting emails.

Features To Look For When Buying A Smartphone

As we all know, we cannot find anything reliable and good quality if we are not clear about things that are the most valuable and desired ones. So, knowing a few of the following features would help you find the best smartphone that you would love to have. Some of the important and very popular aspects and features of smartphones are discussed below:

The Type Of The Smartphone

At first, you need to know which type of smartphone you need. Either you are looking for Android or iPhones. Definitely, there is a lot of difference in both types so make sure to decide carefully.

The Brand You Prefer

Brands offering reliable performance in their smartphones are becoming better, satisfied customers and proven worth help in deciding the phone you would need.


Getting a high-end smartphone means that people can catch pictures, watch videos and enjoy images with no hassle involved. Always try to choose high-resolution mobiles offering greater things.

Screen Size

Screen Size

Screen size is important if you like to have a bigger image or need to multitask if it is possible on the mobile.

Screen Type

Today the available screen types are OLED, AMOLED version and infinity screen that offer high-quality images, excellent user interface, and viewability.

Image Stabilization

Image stabilization becomes necessary for the sake of getting the correct, crisp and sharp image. This feature helps in lowering the chances that your image will be blurred.

The Weight And Overall Size

The weight and overall size of the smartphone also matter a lot. Because if the smartphone is bulky and has an oversized body you cannot keep it in your pocket easily and will be a trouble for some people.

Battery Power And Life

Battery power usually range up to 3500 mAh to treat your phone so make sure to find the battery power up to this or beyond.

Number Of Cameras And Their Quality

Having a rear and a front camera is essential but the quality of the camera is the most important thing to consider. You may choose a wide-angle camera lens and crystal clear glass for maximum support.

Camera Quality

Easy Data Transfer And Storage

Some phones offer data transfer from existing phones to the new ones with a data cable and some offer wireless data transfer easily. You may choose the one that makes it the best for you. SD cards are also used in some smartphones to store some extra data.

Compatibility With Networks

The compatibility of the networks is so crucial as if your phone is not compatible with the US networks it would not work. Make sure to check which of the networks are supported by your selected smartphone including AT&t, t-MOBILE, VERIZON, AND SPRINT.

Easy To Use

Smartphones are meant to offer, ease of use, customized functionalities and lots of memory and data storage options. Always try to get the smartphone that easy o handle and operate.


Price is by far one of the most important and crucial aspects that play an important role in deciding the smartphones a person needs if he is on a budget. It is true that when you have enough budget you can get the best but it is also possible to get a smartphone within your budget by comparing the smartphone online. Though when you are out to buy a smartphone from Apple or Samsung you have to make sure you have a bigger budget.

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