Canon 80D price in India (2)

Canon 80D Price in India – With & Without Lenses ??

If you are looking for Canon 80D price in India then you are on perfect site, check the price of Canon EOS 80d with and without lenses right now ?

Canon EOS 80D Price Only Body

  • MegaPixel: 24.2
  • Max FPS: 7
  • Autofocus Points: 45
  • Sensor: APS-C

Canon EOS 80D Price in India Body Only



Canon EOS 80D Price with 18-135mm USM Lens

  • DSLR Specification Same as Above
  • Lens Filter Size: 58mm
  • Lens Aperture: f/3.5-5.6

Canon 80d Price with lens



Advantages of DSLR Camera over Point & Shoot

1. Ability to change lenses. Compact cameras have only one built-in General-purpose zoom lens, while with the DSLR you can attach any lens you particularly need. If you wonder why we need different lenses, then take a look at this picture:

You will not be able to make this shot with a simple hand-held camera because it’s likely that a stranger will not be happy that he is taken a picture of or, at least, he will behave in a different way and a shot like this will not turn out successful.

What I did was simply to install a tele-objective lens; the ability to attach different lenses significantly expands the creative possibilities of the photographer. With a variety of lenses, there are no limitations to what you can shoot: from landscapes with wide-angle lenses to the birds in the sky with long telephoto lenses.

2. The ability to manipulate the depth of field (DOF). Photographers often resort to various tricks to change the DOF that allows them to create a unique and expressive image. Take a look at the following image:

The compact camera is not able to create such pictures, because the usual camera`s built-in lens is not able to create such a small DOF and separate the object from the background.

Please note how the background turned out blurry in this photo while the object itself is clear and located at the center of attention. Wonderful, isn’t it? The only DSLR allows you to change the depth of the field with full control of the process of the shooting.

3. High image quality. Of course, DSLR cameras have a much larger sensor than compact cameras, which ultimately gives you less noise and overall better image quality.

4. High speed of focus and shutter release. DSLR cameras can quickly focus and create a few frames per second. Have you ever tried to take pictures of a low-flying plane using a compact camera? If so, I imagine it did not come out particularly well.

Moving subjects are very difficult to take pictures of with a “point and shoot” camera because they do not have good focus like DSLR cameras do:

5. You see what you’re shooting. Devices utilized by DSLR cameras allow you to view the scene directly through the lens. This is especially useful when using a long-focus telephoto lens because you can adjust the focus directly on the object as if you were looking at it through binoculars.


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