Canon 700D Price in India - With & Without Lenses

Canon 700d Price in India – With & Without Lenses 📸📸📸

If you are looking for Canon 700D price in India then you are in the perfect place, check out right now canon 700D price with and without lenses ?

Canon 700D Price (Body Only)

  • MegaPixel: 18.0
  • Max FPS: 5
  • Autofocus Points: 9
  • Sensor: APS-C

Canon 700D Price in India Body


Canon 700D Price (With 18-55 mm Lens)

  • DSLR Specification Same as Above
  • Lens Filter Size: 58mm
  • Lens Aperture: f/3.5-5.6

Canon EOS 700D Price in India Single Lens


Canon 700D Price (With 18-55 mm & 55-250 mm Lens)

  • DSLR Specification Same as Above
  • 18-55 mm Lens Filter Size: 58mm
  • 18-55 mm Lens Aperture: f/3.5-5.6
  • 55-250 mm Lens Filter Size: 58mm
  • 55-250 mm Lens Aperture: f/4-5.6

Canon 700D Price in India


Tips on How to Take Sharp Photos with DSLR

It does not matter how good your subject looks or how great your composition is if your images are out of focus or blurred. When taking a photograph, one of the most important things that you have to do is ensure that the photos that you are taking will be sharp and focused.

They say photos are worth a thousand words. However, your photos will not be able to tell a story if the people who are viewing them can’t see and understand the story they tell. Here are simple tips that will help you take a sharp photo every time you use your camera.

1. Use the Proper Focusing Technique

?Always ensure that you have focused on your target properly before you hit the shutter button. Some photographers prefer using autofocus. Others prefer using manual focus. Manual focus is good if you want to have total control over the photo. However, if you have not been able to take high-quality photos using manual focus, you should try using the autofocus option.

? Most photographers are not able to take high-quality photographs because they don’t focus on the main features of their subjects. You should focus on the eyes instead of the shoulders, neck or nose.

2. Sharpen Your Images Before Printing or Publishing

? There is no photo taken by your camera that is as sharp as it should be. To make your images sharp, you should sharpen them using a photo editor. This is very important especially if you shot in RAW. There are two types of sharpening options that you can use.

? These are capture and output. Both of them are necessary if you want to have very sharp images. Photoshop and Lightroom apply capture sharpening behind the scenes. The larger you want to make your images, the more that sharpening that you will have to do.

3. Don’t Move the Camera While Capturing Images (camera Blur)

? You should hold the camera still when taking photographs. Moving the camera will result in camera blur. Camera blur is a term that is used to describe when an unclear image captured because the camera moved while taking a photo.

? This usually happens when photographers get excited and press the shutter button with a lot of force. Keep in mind the fact that a slight shake can lead to a blurry photo.

4. Avoid motion blur

? Motion blur means that the shutter moved too slowly compared to the movement of the object that was being captured. If you are trying to photograph a moving object, your shutter speed has to be fast enough to freeze the motion of the object.

? Always use a shutter speed that matches the speed of the object that you want to capture. You should use the image stabilization feature of your camera to capture sharper images.

5. Use a camera with a high-quality lens

? There is no way that you are going to capture sharp images if you are using a camera with a low-quality lens. The quality of the lens that you are using has a huge impact on the quality of images that you are going to capture. If you want to capture the best images, you have no choice but to ensure that you are using a high-quality lens.

? This does not mean that you must use insanely expensive pro lenses. Most photographers can’t afford pro lenses. However, you should try to use the best quality lens you can afford. Make sure that your lens is clean before you start shooting. It does not matter how high quality your lens is if it is not clean.

6. Ensure that there is proper lighting

? Proper lighting can help you capture sharper images. That is why it is very important to ensure that there is proper lighting in the area that you want to shoot. Using a camera flash can be very helpful when you are shooting in low light conditions. It can also be very helpful if the objects that you are focusing on are positioned against a source of light.

?These tips will help you to capture a sharp photo all the time. There are many other things that will help you become a better photographer than you will learn as you continue to shoot.


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