Bluetooth Earbuds Ultimate Buying Guide 2019

Wireless Earbuds For Running – Buyer’s Guide

Now, It’s an everlasting debate that whether earbuds have any value to us or not. As for any new tech product where there are many supporters there are also some people who don’t seem to be comfortable. happy and satisfied with that product.

If we look in past about their start then we will see a lot of improvements and wireless earphones has covered a long distance to reach today’s stable versions.

Admitted, that sound quality is not much high quality as compared to wired sound devices but to say that earbuds have no value to us is totally unfair.

It’s all because of technology advancement with the passage of time and now we have several improved technologies like Apt-X and Energy efficient Bluetooth standards.

Honestly speaking, Wireless audio types of equipment are a lot closer to the wired sound equipment used in the old days with a lot of hassle-free life and relief of fiddling with wires. Beside this, how can you keep wired equipment with you and enjoying music or answer to calls while you are running, working out or doing exercise?

Advantages of buying wireless earbuds:

These benefits are just an effort to make you understand that wireless earbuds are not terrible. These earbuds are just to make you comfortable with tasks you can’t perform with wired earphones or devices. Wireless earbuds are for those people who don’t want to fiddle with wires while they are driving, running, working out, exercising and many more things like that.

No need to fiddle with wires because of Increased Portability:

One of the top best advantages of buying wireless earbuds is it’s increased portability. If we compare it to the past, were people able to enjoy music while working, running or doing exercise?

Admitted that now we have a very busy life and have no time to enjoy music. But the question is: how can we carry wired music devices with us while working out?

Basically, these wireless earbuds and earphones technology emerged because of our busy lives and this is a solution found as a result of that.

Another most important factor is the integration of fitness apps and gears with earphones because of which we can keep yourself fit and healthy.

As compared to functionalities, prices are not much high according to my own point of view and this is because of competition otherwise these earbuds as compared to their functionalities deserves much high prices.

So, Wireless earbuds are not so terrible. We can have a much-improved lifestyle and they make our daily routines bit better with improved technology and enhanced functionalities. If you are not a fan of wireless earbuds then just give a try to some inexpensive earbud and you will definitely feel a difference. This is something earbuds has been introduced “To make a difference in your busy life”

Improved Transmission Technology:

The major difference between wires headphones and wireless earphones is because of their transmission channel.

In wireless earphone, our earphones are connected to the base sound producer wirelessly while in wired headphones, headphone and base sound producer is connected through a wire. This is a major difference and a success factor for wireless earbuds.

Chargeable batteries is another factor in wireless earbuds because of portability factor. In the beginning wireless earphones batteries were not so powerful to run music for a long time but now this technology is also being improved with some advanced Bluetooth and wireless versions as well.

Sound Quality:

Yes, you win now. Sound quality is still a noticeable point that earbuds manufacturing companies should consider.

Beside of lot of improvements and advancement in wireless devices and technology, the sound quality is still not so impressive as compared to wired headphones.

Wired headphones are still best regarding sound quality but where we have seen a list of improvements with the passage of time in wireless earbuds, one day sound quality will also be improved to make wireless earbuds stand in front of wired headphones for competition regarding sound quality.

But, it’s all about future advancement and honestly speaking wireless earphones sound quality is not so bad so why are we discussing them like that?

Even if you are in the range, large obstructions between the earbuds and the transmitter can cause the sound quality to drop.

Earbuds Buying Guide 2019 infographics


Beside of all other valuable points and debates, It all depends upon your purpose of buying that product. If we talk about Cordless headphones then they are great regarding sound quality.

But if you are a gamer, then you will definitely be interested to buy gaming headsets. So, it’s all depends upon your purpose of buying that product.

If you are seeking for headphones to listen to music at your PC then definitely go with wired headphones because of their many advantages depending upon your usage scenario.

But if you are seeking for earbuds for running, working out or want to listen to music while you are busy in outdoor activities then wired earbuds will not be much suited depending upon your use case.

Always pay detailed attention to the specification of the product before buying. Compare those specifications with your usage scenario and I guarantee you will find the best product for yourself.

Otherwise, subscribe to this site and I will always point out that which product is much suited for which kind use cases and in which scenario this is the best product to go with and where to not consider that product.

Things To Look For In Wireless Earbuds Before Buying:

Wired earphones are too inconvenient for many people to use on daily basis. The only reason they still use wired earphones is because of their cheap price.

But experience provided by wireless earphones is entirely different which should not be missed. Beside this you have a wired free lifestyle to enjoy music, answer phone calls and more importantly, you can track your fitness with fitness enabled earbuds as well.

Here are important things you should consider in wireless earbuds before buying them:

Earbuds Battery Life:

Battery life is an important factor to consider when buying wireless earphones. Honestly speaking, it’s all depends upon your requirement and usage scenario.

Most of all, everyone tries to buy the best earphones because of some reason. So, maybe battery life will not be an important factor for some people when they would have much higher other functionality as compared to battery timing. But, without improved battery life, you will be frustrated after some time. As you will not be able to solve your much higher precedence problem with earbuds if they would not be working or switched off because of low battery timing.

So, when you are going to buy new wireless earphones, pay close attention to battery timing also as compared to other important features in wireless earbuds.



Easy Pairing of wireless earbuds:

I have noticed many people having the problem regarding pairing their earphones with their devices. This may also be because of new technology.

This can also be because we don’t want to come out of our comfort zone or don’t have a habit to explore the things. Anyhow, whatever it is, people feel discomfort at some point to make settings for new tech gears or tech devices.

Best Suggestion is to always see manuals of products where you will find each and every detail regarding that product.

Also, when you are going to buy earbuds then ensure that earbuds have strong pairing functionality and when attached to the device then pairing may not drop.

In simple words, you should consider those earbuds which don’t have pairing issues.

Water & Sweat-Proof:

Your earphone should be waterproof and sweat proof as well. This is also a durability factor to retain earbuds life for the longest time as compared to those earphones which are not waterproof.

Most importantly, we are discussing wireless earbuds for running so if earbuds are not sweatpr0of then how can we keep them for a longer time?

So, This is a much higher specification to check in earbuds for running that those earbuds are water and sweat proof or not.

Sound Quality:

Admitted, the sound quality of wireless earbuds can’t compete with wired headphones but here we are comparing wireless earphones only not with wired earphones/headphones.

Before buying your next pair of wireless earbuds for running, you should select earbuds with best sound quality.

Smartphone Apps :

Nowadays, earbuds are being supported by apps to check and manage your activities and fitness as well.

Compatibility with smartphones is another important factor you should put attention to. Especially, compatibility with your smartphone you have in hands is of much importance.

So, before buying wireless earphones, double check that whether earbuds have compatibility with your smartphone or not.

If you have any future plan to buy a new smartphone then you can also check compatibility for that smartphone as well.


Earbuds Which don’t fall out when you are running:

As we are discussing about best wireless earphones for running, so it’s also very much important to confirm that whether earphones best fit to our ears or not.

When earphones are manufactured then close attention is paid by engineers to make earphones design in different sizes(Small, Medium, Large). But these are the standard sizes by studying and analyzing the human ears size design.

So, if your ear size is among those standard ear sizes then you will find your best fit from those three standard provided ear tips. If your ear size is somehow different then you should have to try some other varying ear tips sizes and find the best fit for you.


Price is a factor where most of the people put great attention as all depends upon affording ability when buying anything. After all, no one wants to spend his hard earned money in a careless way.

You should always have to put detailed attention at what you are going to take against your hard earned money and whether that product deserves your money or not.

Besides that, always compare for price and product quality with specs you are going to buy. If price and product specs seem to be good to you then don’t miss that product and go for that.

That’s all.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to share this article. Let us know in comment section if we can improve it somehow.

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