Best Ceiling Fan in India

Best Ceiling Fans in India 2019: Top 10 Best Rated

If you are looking for the best ceiling fan which is best in quality-performance and cheap in price than you are on the perfect website. Find out our best ceiling fans list from quality brands like Usha, Crompton, Havells and many more.

1. Orient Electric Apex-FX: No. 1 in Our Best Ceiling Fans

Orient Electric Apex- No 1 Best Ceiling Fans

  • Blade Length- 1200 mm (48 Inches)
  • 360 RPM
  • Air Delivery- 200 CMM

Find out what is the meaning of RPM and CMM in Air Delivery?

The Orient Ceiling Fan includes a double ball bearing which guarantees a smooth and silent operation.

The high effectiveness and ground-breaking copper motor with the 78W power influences this Orient Ceiling fan is a smooth and ideal choice that conveys awesome cooling at a lesser voltage.

78 W Power Consumption:

The high effectiveness and super copper winding of this Orient fan alongside the 78W power make this fan a smooth runner that conveys incredible cooling at a lesser voltage.

Rapid Motor Ensuring Higher Air Delivery:

With the rapid motor, the fan guarantees higher air conveyance. This 3 blade ceiling fan offers uniform air flow even in huge rooms and aides in keeping it cool and well ventilated.

Built with high advancement, these fans have an excellent design that matches well with trims.

If you are looking for the best ceiling fan with cool design and pocket-friendly then this could be your first choice.


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2. Havells Pacer Ceiling Fan

Havells Pacer- No 2 Best Ceiling Fans

  • Blade: 1200 mm
  • RPM: 400
  • Air Delivery: 235 M3/Minute

These Havells Pacer fans have been worked with quality aluminum given a durable paint wrap up. This guarantees fantastic execution and toughness.

The fan runs at a rapid speed to convey a definitive cooling by tossing air over the room.

230 CMM Air Delivery with 400 RPM Motor Speed:

With a speed of 400 RPM, it gives you air conveyance of 230 CMM that is perfect for large estimated rooms. Notwithstanding amid periods of low voltage, the execution of this Havells ceiling fan does not go down and it gives you the truly necessary cooling from warm.

72 W Power Consumption:

The high-efficiency winding of this Havells fan alongside the 72W power makes this fan a smooth entertainer that conveys incredible cooling at a lesser voltage.

Havells pacer is definitely one of the best ceiling fans in higher RPM category.


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3. Crompton HS Plus Power Saver

Crompton HS Plus- No 3 Best Ceiling Fans

  • Blade size- 1210 mm
  • 320 RPM
  • Power: 53 watts

BEE 5 star labeled ceiling fan:

If you are looking for best power saver fan and fastest speed is not must requirement then this is obviously one of the best ceiling fans in power saver category. Power consumed by this fan is only 53 watts.

As most of the fan comes nowadays this fan is also equipped with double ball bearing.

Crompton claims this fan is tried and tested with silent performance. Although 320 RPM is enough for a small sized bedroom and kitchen.


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4. Usha Striker Galaxy Ceiling Fan

Usha Striker Galaxy- No 4 Best Ceiling Fans

  • 385 RPM
  • Blade: 1200mm
  • Power: 80 watts

Wonderfully Crafted for the Modern Decor:

Veneer metallic paint on the body grants better complete and unparalleled appearance than any other fan.

Sturdy and Whisper Quiet Operation:

The fan is furnished with V2 review ball bearing. Besides the predominant level electric steel cover utilized as a part of the development of the stator, presents long life and strength to the fan.

These fans include cutting blades geometry, efficiently intended to expand air development bringing about more airspeed in this manner producing rapid of 385 RPM with high air conveyance of 240 CMM.

The fan accompanies hydrophobic (water safe) and oleophobic (oil safe) property which draws in a lesser residue.

If you are looking for a little high budget fan with overall best performance whether it is RPM, Noise, Stylish look or Air delivery then Usha Striker Galaxy is the smartest choice.


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5. Singer Aerostar Solo Ceiling Fan

Singer Aerostar Solo- No 5 Best Ceiling Fans

  • RPM: 390
  • Blade: 1200 mm
  • Power: 75 watts

Their name synonymous with sewing machines, Singer has an extensive variety of Home apparatuses also. Drawing from their numerous long stretches of involvement, Singer is focused on empowering individuals to accomplish more.

Their faith in steady advancement and development is reflected in every item. Vocalist goes for building items that go past simply doing what they’re made to do – to fabricate items that move.

Artist’s Aerostar is genuinely a star – a ceiling fan that consolidates a blade, smooth appearance, solid motor that accomplishes an inconceivable measure of wind current with awesome productivity. Its straightforward working and 3 blade configuration course air to better keep up temperatures in a room.

This ceiling fan has been made with excellent assembling parts with a smooth and present-day outline that will supplement any home.

Aluminum Die-cast Body:

The body of the fan is aluminum pass on the cast, which guarantees phenomenal dimensional exactness. It additionally loans sturdiness to the fan, as kick the bucket cast parts are more grounded. Both the composite and the joining procedure guarantee a body that is solid.

Rustproof Powder Coated Outer Finish:

The powder covered completely, connected to the metal parts make a corrective and solid covering. This covering gives you an enduring and shading sturdy complete that will look great on your roof for a considerable length of time to come.


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6. Luminous Dhoom 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Luminous Dhoom- No 6 Best Ceiling Fans

A more extensive spread of breeze in all sides of the room.

Higher air conveyance and lower temperature rise.

Ideal execution even at low voltages.

Glowing Dhoom High-Speed Ceiling Fan brings the best of style, alluring plan, and execution to your home and office. It is intended to work even under low voltage conditions and amplify air dissemination. It accompanies fast and streamlined blades. It adds life to your living and work spaces even as it refreshes and cools each corner.

The fan is intended for higher air conveyance and lower temperature rise.

It is styled for various space and room remembering the one of a kind prerequisites of each space, diverse classifications of insides like current, legacy, antique and so on. It improves diverse shading plans of the space in which fan is introduced. The iridescent fan is made of superb crude materials.

Motor body and blades utilize the best nature of aluminum for non-destructive longer life. Motor windings are with unadulterated electrolytic review copper windings wire. Stators/rotors utilize greetings perm steel sheets for bringing down watts misfortune.


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7. Bajaj New Bahar Deco 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Bajaj New Bahar Deco- No 7 Best Ceiling Fans

  • Blade sweep: 1200 mm
  • Power: 73 watts
  • Air Delivery: 210 CMM

Rapid speed fan with the smooth and trending look.

Predominant metal rotor gives whisper calm activity and longer life

Electric steel overlay for longer life and low power utilization.

On the off chance that you wish to change your old ceiling fans with new ones then you can pick the Bajaj New Bahar Deco Ceiling Fan that is high on quality and utilization. The appearance of this fan is great, the item can coordinate your most brilliant homed stylistic theme with its dark-colored shading.

The buyers are hopping over Bajaj New Bahar Deco Ceiling Fan for its incomparable air conveyance. Being planned by the well-known brand Bajaj, the specific fan guarantees propelled air conveyance and never wavers in quality. Being made with elevated requirement material its lifespan is something the customers will love to contribute for.

The excellent quality metal

The excellent metal has transformed it into a solid one and 121.92 cm expansive sharp blades adroitly provide food a blustery conveyance. Its dynamic motor keeps running at the greatest speed of 380rpm and it turns silently. The expansive, dark-colored fashioner sharp blades of Bajaj New Bahar Deco Ceiling Fan uproots 210 CMM air and the speed of its blade clear is about 1200 MM.

Bajaj Fans are a commonly recognized name that stands for unrivaled quality and style. Not simply Ceiling Fans, Bajaj likewise makes a wide exhibit of Table fans, Pedestal fans, and Exhaust Fans. Regardless of what you need, Bajaj has a fan for everyone.


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8. Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Havells Nicola- No. 8 Best Ceiling Fans

  • Blade size: 1200 mm
  • Decorative trims on motor cover and blades
  • Contemporary elegant design

Havells is a leading brand in electronic home apparatuses and their inheritance for ideal quality is something which is notable. Nicola offers uniform air flow and is accessible in various varieties, for example, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1400mm scopes for bigger rooms.

These fans have an uncommon shading mix that matches well with architect trims and the most only done insides. These Havells Nicola fans have a hearty worked because of the solid bite the dust cast covers and solid aluminum blades.

The high productivity motor of this Havells fan alongside the 68W power makes this fan a smooth and ideal entertainer that conveys incredible cooling at a lesser voltage.


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9. Gorilla Power Saver 1200 mm Ceiling fan

Gorilla Energy Saver- No 9 Best Ceiling Fans

  • 1200 mm blade sweep
  • Smart Remote controlled
  • Brilliant motor design
  • Timer and Sleep Model

Brushless Motor

Brush-less DC motor is the power behind the Gorilla Fan, devours just 28 watts of power.

Prevalent Air Delivery

Gorilla Fans offers a high air conveyance of 220 cubic meters.

Longer Life

Gorilla fans run 3 times longer on an inverter bringing about longer battery life.

Gorilla Fans fueled by Energy Efficient BLDC Motor

BLDC remains for Brushless direct present. BLDC motor has no mechanical brush for replacement of the windings. Compensation is conveyed with the assistance of shrewd hardware.

The info voltage gave is 230V AC which is changed over to 24 DC by an SMPS. The fans run inside at 24V and expend only 28W at full speed.


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10. Orient Electric Adena Decorative Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Adena- No 10 Best Ceiling Fans

PSPO innovation guarantees stable wind flow under fluctuating voltages.

Paint with matt and metallic completions.

Sharp blades with a special point to convey higher air over the bigger region.

Most grounded and heaviest motor in its class for sturdiness and faultless execution.

Progressed PSPO Technology

The progressive PSPO innovation enables this fan to convey more cool air over a bigger territory at a generally bring down power utilization.

High-Grade Copper Motor

The great motor guarantees longer life and quality execution. It enables the fan to run easily at all paces while guaranteeing greatest air conveyance.

Aluminum Blade with Metallic Finish

The blades have a metallic complete for better style. The more extensive blades offer higher air conveyance than customary fans. Blade trims gels effectively with the general interest of your home. The ribbed aluminum sharp blades guarantee higher sturdiness, predominant quality, and durability.

Enlivening Canopy with Chrome Finish

The enlivening shelter with chrome complete requests quick consideration and makes this fan an ideal expansion to any contemporary room.


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It is up to you what model you should choose as per your requirement. If energy consumption is more critical for you than go for  Crompton HS plus or Gorilla Energy Saver. If high speed is all you require then go for Havels Pacer, Luminous Dhoom or Singer Aerostar. If the stylish look is your preference then go for Bajaj New Bahar DecoOrient Adena or Havells Nicola. 

If you are looking for best overall performance than Usha Striker Galaxy or Orient Electric Apex should be your first choice.

Step by Step Guide to Choose your fan model from Best Ceiling Fans:


Ceiling fan buying guide

Infographic reference:

Room Size

A Ceiling fan’s basic role is to circulate air in a room. Aeration and cooling systems chill air, yet ceiling fans push it around, which implies they’re valuable for both cooling and warming. In a room, a ceiling fan energizes a serene rest without running the ventilating.

On an open or screened yard, a ceiling fan can make an invigorating retreat – simply make sure it’s evaluated for moist or wet areas. Search for open-air fans with weatherproof fan blades, as well. The two sorts can deal with dampness, however clammy appraised fans ought not to interact with water. Wet-appraised fans are appropriate for waterfront or blustery territories.

To get the most out of a ceiling fan, you should first choose the correct size. Energy star makes the accompanying proposals for ceiling fan distance across:

  • Rooms up to 80 square feet = 30-36 inches
  • Room size  80-150 square feet = 38-42 inches
  • Room size 225-400 square feet = 48 inches and more


Room Size


Roof Height

While choosing another ceiling fan or a substitution ceiling fan remember the ceiling stature. The perfect fan range from floor to fan cutting blades is roughly 8 feet. Numerous fans have different mounting alternatives, enabling them to work anyplace in the home. Measure the stature of your ceiling to decide the mounting alternative that will work best for your space.

Flush mount – Made for rooms with low ceilings where a position of safety is needed or required. Flush-mount ceiling fans are mounted flush to the ceiling, with no additional connection.

Downrod mount – Made for rooms with high ceilings, commonly 8-feet or higher. Numerous ceiling fans incorporate a downrod. Check the bundling to check whether the downrod is incorporated and the size. Be that as it may, for additional tall ceilings you may require a more extended downrod than gave. Utilize the graph to help ascertain the perfect downrod length.

In the event that you purchase a downrod for your ceiling fan, ensure that you additionally purchase enough lead wire to cover the length of your downrod. On the off chance that you don’t have enough lead wire, you won’t have the capacity to associate your fan with its capacity source.


The look of a ceiling fan’s blades is in reality to a greater degree an outline highlight than a matter of productivity or utility. The fan’s capacity to move air is dictated by the pitch of the blades, so pick the one you like the look of best.

Blade span

Numerous fans accompany reversible blades so on the off chance that you become weary of one complete, you can switch them later to change the look of your fan – discuss an easy outline refresh.

The number of blades and blade shapes are additionally getting a makeover. A few fans have upwards of nine blades, for a helicopter-style; be that as it may, the customary four-to five-sharp blade ceiling fans stay exemplary.

Look and Design

Ceiling fans are produced in an about perpetual cluster of styles and wrap up. Most fans have customizable rates and a switching wind stream capacity to help with warming amid cooler months. Search for models with remote controls, as well.

Shades – Ceiling fan light shades normally come in glass, however, new inventive plans are highlighting the fan covered up inside a texture drum shade.

Completions – Ceiling fans arrive in an assortment of completions. Take a signal from the current completes in your home. On the off chance that the entryway handles and bureau equipment are all in brushed nickel, pick a ceiling fan in an integral wrap up.

Power Saving & Efficiency

The motor is the core of any ceiling fan, and it decides the wind current and effectiveness of your ceiling fan. You don’t need to need to be an electrical architect to comprehend a fan motor, however, it’s the most vital piece of any fan. Consider the elements underneath whenever you purchase a ceiling fan:

Ceiling Fans with DC Motors

DC fan motors are littler and lighter than standard AC motors, which enables them to produce more noteworthy torque and expend 70 percent less vitality. These motors likewise deliver less warmth and are for all intents and purposes quiet.

Energy STAR ceiling fans

Whether power saving is more important for you than speed and look.

High Airflow

High wind current ceiling fans course more air and expend less vitality than standard fans. These fans are perfect for carports, distribution centers, and open-air spaces, for example, your yard and patio. When you purchase a ceiling fan with high wind stream you get a special reward: high-wind current fans are known to head out mosquitoes and other lawn bothers.

On/Off Control

Most ceiling fans offer an essential draw chain control that changes the fan speed and lighting. Be that as it may, there are three sorts of fan controls to browse.

Remote Control

The handheld remote control offers the most accommodating of all the fan control alternatives. The lightweight and versatile control worked inside a 30 to 50-foot run, making it perfect for high ceiling fans and difficult to achieve places. Handheld remote control ceiling fans are additionally perfect for rooms.

Wall Control

The fan speed wall control alternative enables you to work the fan speed, bearing and lighting with the press of a catch. The stationary remote has a range up to 40 feet, making it perfect for families with kids. A wall control is perfect for kitchens, lounge areas, family rooms and multipurpose rooms.

Fans with integrated lights can help illuminate and add ambiance to any room. 

Some fans are designed with integrated lights and others are designed to retrofit universal light kits. Depending on the design of the fan, the light can be underneath the blades (which allows the maximum light output from the light source) or above the fan (which creates the desired environment). Ceiling fans with lights allow you to use just the light, just the fan, both together, or neither.

Great cooling.

The volume of air your fan moves (estimated in cubic feet every moment, or CFM) ought to be sufficient for the extent of your space, sufficiently giving wind current to chill you off without astonishing you.

Simple to utilize controls.

While accommodation highlights, for example, remote controls and clocks can be pleasant, it’s most essential that the controls be anything but difficult to reach and utilize.

Lower Noise level.

Most clients incline toward calmer fans since they don’t meddle with discussion or different exercises. Be that as it may, a few people like a louder fan in the room to make a touch of repetitive sound.

Safety Features

Numerous like bladeless fans, for example, those offered by Dyson, in light of the fact that they represent no hazard to children and pets. On a conventional fan, sharp edges ought to be encased behind a security grille or mesh. Additionally, the fan shouldn’t overheat in the wake of running throughout the day, and it ought to be anything but difficult to get and convey without dropping.

Simple to clean.

Another pleasant element of bladeless fans is that it’s anything but difficult to wipe them clean of residue. In the event that a fan has a grille, it ought to be anything but difficult to evacuate for cleaning.

Guarantee period

How is much guarantee period manufacturer is providing? Longer the guarantee period less headache to the consumer.



Ceiling Fan Installation Guide:

  1.  Decide the roof incline by holding a 2-ft. level against the roof and estimating the vertical separation from the level to the roof. The separation that number by 2 to get the drop more than 12 in. or even run, 3/12 incline for our situation. See the outline underneath to decide the base downrod length for the sharp edge measurement you’d like.
  2. Stop the power at the primary board and evacuate the light apparatus. Thump the current electrical box free of the confining with a sled and a square of wood, at that point pull the electrical link free of the old box and through the roof gap. Leave the old box in the roof depression except if you can undoubtedly evacuate it through the opening.
  3. Feed the fan prop up into the gap, rest the level edge of the feet against the roof and focus the pole over the opening. In the event that your roof is more than 1/2 in. thick, as our own might have been, pivot the feet and position the pole the profundity of the container from the roof. Turn the pole to anchor the prop to the surrounding. Snap the metal seat over the pole so it’s focused over the gap.
  4. The support closes fit against the roof and the end screws crash into the joints as you turn the pole.
  5. Feed the current wire through the link clasp in the highest point of the new metal box, slip the case over the seat screws, and fix the nuts to clip the container to the pole with a nut driver or a profound well attachment. Crease a circle of establishing 75 percent around the establishing screw and fix the screw.
  6. Position the holder section so the opening in the section is on the tough side of the slanted roof. At that point screw it into the container with the uncommon screws gave the fan prop.
  7. Place the engine right side up, string the wire through the downrod and embed the downrod into the mounting neckline.
  8. Slip the downrod stick through the neckline and tube, bolt it in to put with the cotter stick, and fix the screws and locknuts.
  9. Slip the neckline cover, at that point the shelter over the downrod. Slide the ball over the downrod and push the stick through the two arrangements of gaps, at that point lift the ball over the stick and fix the set screw.
  10. Lift the get together finished the open side of the section and lower it into put. Pivot the engine until the point that the ball opening locks into put over the tab on the section.
  11. Interface the exposed ground wire from the crate to the green ground wire on the section with a wire connector. Interface the white nonpartisan wire from the engine to the unbiased wire from the crate. Associate the blue and dark wire from the engine to the dark hot wire from the case and perfectly crease them into the crate.
  12. Screw the fan edges to their sections and screw the sections to the base of the engine. It’s least demanding to hold the sink the section with the screwdriver while you lift the edge gathering into position. At that point drive the fasten.

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