Best AC in India

Best AC in India: Top 10 Must-Check Models of 2021

Which AC is best? If you are looking for best Split AC with the optimum performance against price for low to mid-budget than you are at right place, check out our reviews of best split AC in India 2021.

Table of Contents

1. Voltas 1.4 Ton Inverter AC (173V JZJ) – Overall Best AC in India

Voltas 173V JZJ - No. 1 Best Split Ac in India

  • Energy Rating: 3 Star
  • Anti Dust feature
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Catechin channel
  • LED Display Monitor
  • 4 Stage Filtration

Evacuates allergens smells and other hurtful particles to give you cool and natural air.

Smooth activity under wide voltage changes from 150V – 270V.

Gives the accommodation of turning the AC On/Off according to your benefit by setting the time.

Keeps up an agreeable temperature by cutting over the top cooling and power utilization, so you rest agreeable throughout the night.

Faculties the indoor stickiness and controls it in the rainstorm.

Copper condenser loop is more strong and conveys proficient cooling. So voltas tops as the Best split AC in India for domestic purpose. We think Voltas 173VJZJ is the Best Home AC in India.

You can find out the difference between inverter AC and non-inverter AC here. You can check this air conditioner price by following this button.

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2. LG 1.5 Ton Inverter AC (JS-Q18YUXA): Best AC Company in India


LG JS-Q18YUXA No.2 - Best Split Ac in India


  • 3 Star Energy Rating
  • Dual Inverter Compressor
  • Monsoon Comfort & feature of Fresh Dry
  • Himalaya cool/Jet cool
  • Ocean Black Protection feature

So answer for your question “which split ac is best in India 1.5 ton?” is LG 1.5 Ton AC (JS-Q18YUXA).

In recent years LG has emerged as top and best AC brand of India in terms of quality and performance. Check out the little description of this superb model by LG. The intermediate guide to best inverter AC In India:

Extraordinary Ocean Black Protection connected to both indoor and open-air unit give excellent strength to the aeration and cooling system in the run of the mill Indian districts influenced by sand, salt, mechanical smoke, and poisons.

Double inverter blower with shifted speed double revolving engine has a more extensive rotational recurrence which spares more vitality alongside higher speed cooling range than traditional blowers. This guarantees our double inverter ACs cool quicker, last more and runs calmer.

Accomplish an unparalleled life expectancy for your aeration and cooling system with cutting-edge gold blade hostile to the destructive condenser. Guarantee more protection from erosion and broaden solidness of the warmth trade for an any longer period.

Aeration and cooling systems with the one of a kind Himalaya Cool Technology guarantee to cool you when you switch reporting in real time conditioner. With simply the dash of a catch, you will feel as cool as in the Himalayas.

Air Conditioner is intended to identify low refrigerant levels which can leave the room hot and awkward. LG is runner-up in our list of Best split AC in India.

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3. Carrier 1.5 Ton AC (Esko Pro CAS18EO3N8F0): Best Split AC for Office Use


Carrier Esko Pro CAS18EO3N8F0- No.3 Best Split Ac in India

  • Energy Rating: 3 Star
  • Type: Non-Inverter Split AC
  • 1.5 Ton Capacity: Enough for medium-sized rooms (120 to 180 sq ft)
  • Condenser Type: Copper for best in class, energy efficient cooling with minimum maintenance
  • Add on features: Auto restart, PM 2.5 filter

Is it time to talk more about best 1.5 ton ac in India? The warning system framework distinguishes refrigerant spillage and instantly kills the AC while at the same time showing the important errors code on the indoor unit.

Auto Swing (Applicable for up and down just), it is a piece of Swing Operation. Louver has 6 distinctive advance positions. A purchaser can set the Louvers at the wanted position either physically with help of Remote or pick the alternative of Auto swing where louvers keep on moving for uniform air course.

This enables you to spare your favored mode, temperature and fan speed settings and actuate them at the snap of a catch.

At the point when this element is actuated, the room sensor of the ventilation system takes a rearward sitting arrangement as the inbuilt room sensor that is put inside the remote control gets initiated. This enables the ventilation system to change the surrounding temperature around the remote control.

Ag+ Nanochannels has shown to display Antiviral properties against the two microscopic organisms and infections with a close connection to the microbial cell/infection particles.

The nearby connection of silver nanoparticles causes cell lysis system of small-scale life form subsequent to assaulting at the bacterial cell divider. Silver eliminates microscopic organisms by choking them.

Very bioactive silver particles tie with proteins inside and outside bacterial cell layers in this way hindering cell breath and propagation. Silver likewise frames stable S-Ag bonds with thiol-containing mixes in the cell film that are engaged with trans layer vitality age and particle transport.

Outfitted with five one of a kind layers of defensive covering to guarantee finish assurance from rust, the AC bureau can withstand extraordinary climate conditions. This model from carrier is one of their best AC model in India. You can check this air conditioner price by following this button.

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4. Mitashi 1.5 Ton Split AC (FSA218K50)


Mitashi FSA218K50 - No. 4 Best Split AC in India


  • Non Inverter type
  • 1.5 Ton Cap.
  • Condenser Type: Copper, Easy maintenance
  • Other features: Anti Dust Filter, Dehumidifier, Two Way Swing

Mitashi utilizes the most recent R32 ecological well disposed of refrigerant, which devours less vitality and expands control cooling. Dissimilar to the more established refrigerants, this refrigerant does not contribute to the consumption of the ozone layer and lessens the danger of wear and tear on the blower.

Air Conditioners accompany Anti Dust Filters that expel particulate issue from the air like brown haze, clean bugs, dust, street tidy and microbes. This guarantees new, perfect and sound air in your living space. This nature of swing enables the air to stream vertical way.

This one of a kind element enables the AC to get effectively introduced according to the territory accessible for the establishment and take out empty pipe effortlessly either out of left or right half of the AC.

One of a kind multi overlay evaporator loop in indoor unit expands the curl measure. This improves the cooling effectiveness.  FSA218K50 is probably the best air conditioner from Mitashi.

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5. Blue Star 1 Ton Inverter AC (BI-3CNHW12NAFU): Best Split AC for Home UseBlue Star BI-3CNHW12NAFU Best AC for Home Use

  • Energy Rating: 3 Star
  • Condenser: Copper
  • Special features: 7 advance filters, Inverter rotary compressor
  • Type: Inverter 

Nailed it, What the Heck Is Best 1 Ton Split AC? Double Rotor Inverter Technology is planned with Dual Rotor Compressors – an elite Rotor Compressor with two pressure chambers. The one of a kind plan of the blower brings about quiet, dependable, and high proficiency task over an extensive variety of paces with least vibrations.

Double Rotor Inverter Technology brings about quicker cooling, prompting decreased vibrations through dynamic adjusting, accomplishing low clamor levels and longer solidness of the blower. Double Rotor Advantages: Faster Cooling, Quiet Operation, Longer Durability, Wider Speed Range

In this mode, the indoor blower in a Blue Star AC keeps running for a couple of minutes even after the air conditioner is turned off. This helps keep the indoor curl dry and counteracts tidy or form collection. Additionally, the development of microorganisms in the indoor curl, because of dampness, is lessened fundamentally.

Substantial LED Display demonstrates the set temperature, in brilliant and extensive size, which can be covered up at the press of a catch.

Vitamin C is a characteristic of oxidant that associates with free radicals. At the point when utilized as a part of a channel it kills such free radicals which may cause hurtful impacts, in this manner guaranteeing you inhale solid air.

The Active Carbon channel assimilates and wipes out unpalatable scents so you appreciate crisp and clean air to relax. You can check this air conditioner price by following this button. BI-3CNHW12NAFU model is the best conditioner in India from home brand Godrej. 

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6. Godrej 1 Ton Inverter Split AC (GSC 12 GIA 5 Awog)


  • Condenser Type: Aluminium
  • 5 Star Energy Rating
  • Add-On Features: 4.55 ISSER inverter technology, Sleep Mode, dry Mode, turbo cool mode, Eco & auto mode.

Condenser being an essential segment in the refrigerant stream, any harm to the condenser antagonistically impacts the cooling. The parallel stream condenser in this AC accompanies nano covering, consequently guaranteeing better assurance from consumption and longer solidness.

In the smart air toss mode, the AC detects the room temperature and consequently alters the air toss. This stays away from consistent high air tosses which regularly prompt concerns like dryness of skin and exhaustion.

Auto mode: The AC consequently chooses the mode in which it should keep running by judging the distinction between the surrounding temperature and the set temperature.

The temperature increments by 1-degree Celsius for every hour for the initial two hours. It additionally decreases vitality utilization.

Auto Clean/Blow-The indoor unit fan stays on for 2 minutes after the AC has been killed. This helps clean all the lingering water from the evaporator. So, this was the best AC to buy from Godrej the Indian brand.

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7. Lloyd 1 Ton Inverter Split AC Review (LS13AI)


Lloyd LS13AI Best AC in India


  • Energy Star: 3 Star Rating
  • Type: Inverter Split AC
  • Add on features: Hidden LED display, Self-diagnosis
  • 1 Ton Capacity: Best for small size rooms (< = 120 sq ft)

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8. Whirlpool 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC (1.5T 3DCool Eco 3S-W)


Whirlpool Eco 3S-W Best AC in India


  • 3D Cool Feature
  • IntelliSense Inverter Tech.
  • 6th Sense/PowerSaver Technology
  • Accurate 12-meter long air throw
  • Cools even at 52 Cel. degree temperature
  • Internal Stabilizer

The one of a kind 3 Air Vents empowers speedier expulsion of hot air from the room guaranteeing most extreme cooling.

It consistently screens the room temperature and continually controls the cooling to guarantee ideal solace.

Longer air throw encourages uniform corner to corner cooling.

Sponsored by the blower, 3D Cool innovation cools even in outrageous temperature of 52°C.

In constructed stabilizer lessens the requirement for an additional stabilizer.

Protects the indispensable segments of AC from control vacillations. Introducing stabilizer winds up unnecessary with this capacity and Stabilizer is required just if control variance is past the scope of 150 – 264V.

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Get a cooler room in lesser time. BPL’s ventilation system utilizes a 100% copper condenser. Copper enables the ventilation system’s inward framework to cool rapidly, which cools your room faster as well. It’s enduring and proficient, all as a result of its solidness, high vitality effectiveness, erosion opposition, and simple upkeep. Find out great tips about which is the best ac in india in buying guide.

Effortlessly and rapidly explore and browse the different capacities all at the dash of a catch. Its computerized show enables you to see the different projects and capacities, while additionally having the capacity to change the settings of the ventilation system as indicated by your inclinations.

With the Arctic Breeze Cooling highlight, feel the temperature drop in a moment. BPL’s aeration and cooling system will cool the room snappier and speedier, enabling you to chill quickly following multi-day out in the hot sun.

BPL’s ventilation systems are the ideal inception into the existence of solace and class. With the accepted procedures in worldwide innovation and a 3-star vitality rating, our aeration and cooling systems will ensure you feel awesome constantly.

Diminish the expenses of your power bills. It’s an exceedingly effective ventilation system with a low vitality utilization. Get settled room temperatures while sparing vitality in the meantime.

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10. Samsung 1 Ton Inverter Split AC (AR12NV3HLTR, Star)


Samsung AR12NV3HLTR Best AC in India


  • Add-On features: Digital inverter with 8 poles (First in the world), Anti-corrosion of Durafin
  • Inverter type
  • 3-star energy rating

Voltage fluctuation protector A digital inverter 8 – shaft expends less vitality contrasted with regular models. It keeps up the coveted temperature without every now and again killing and on, so it’s significantly calmer, more solid and proficient. Durafin upgrades the warmth exchanger’s execution and has more erosion opposition. It’s made of a substantially denser material and thicker in outline and has an enhanced covering which empowers more warmth exchange.

When you press the catch ‘single client’, new max inverter can change its ability. With the capacity of single client mode, you can lessen max limit of your AC which brings about more vitality reserve funds than the ordinary mode.

Get the certainty that your AC is consummately introduced. With keen establishment highlight, you would now be able to appreciate finish significant serenity as the component enables you to consequently check if the establishment has been done splendidly by the establishment group.

The component at a press of catch enables IDU and ODU to play out a self-check and return, assuming any, conceivable odds of any establishment blunder. The self-check take around 7 to 13 minutes and if no blunder at that point number 99 shows up on the advanced show screen.

In the event of the model with LED show, light squints and it sounds ‘signal’ when it’s finished.

Passing up a great opportunity for a decent night’s rest can mean awful news for your day. That is the reason great rest include makes an in a perfect world agreeable atmosphere in your room.

With an exact temperature control framework and programmed dampness alteration, every one of the three imperative phases of your rest is shielded from moistness and warmth so you wake up completely invigorated and prepared to go up against another day.

Great rest not just spares you valuable minutes and long periods of possibly lost rest, it likewise spares vitality utilization contrasted with the typical cooling mode.

Blower defender keeps the blower from being over-burden by insecure power conditions.

Propelled controller acclimates to maintain a strategic distance from breakdowns from a voltage surge. This exceptional innovation withstands control vacillations from 80V to 450V.

Against erosion blade condenser and MJT in addition to planned with solid consumption safe material to shield itself from rusting. This balance firmly shields the condenser from consumption to give you cool and clean air without stresses of being worn.

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You just read reviews of best AC in India now let us go through the ultimate guide for AC.

Air Conditioner Buying Guide

AC Buying Guide

A split air conditioner is important especially when it comes to maintaining the cool temperatures within the surroundings, everyone goes through this question before choosing the AC -“which AC is best?”. One needs to worry about purchasing the split air conditioner because the task is simple to do provided that one has the basic knowledge that pertains the functioning of the split air conditioner.

  • Check if the air conditioner that you require is a central, split window or portable air conditioner
  • Choose the air conditioner that is suitable to you according to the dimension of the space or apartment that you wish to cool or heat
  • The power is measured by BTU as the BTU rises the air conditioner is more powerful
  • The power of 10000 BTU is equal to 1 horsepower – hp
  • To cool a house of approx. 100 meters square it is recommended to purchase an air-conditioner which is approx. 30000 BTU
  • Another thing to consider is energy consumption and if the  air conditioner has passed the standards institute’s tests
  • For our comfort, it is recommended that for the operation of the air-conditioner there should be a remote control
  • Finally, it is also recommended to listen to the motor when it is working at the shop you are going to purchase it, in order to know that the noise is not too loud for you as it can disturb your sleep

Best Ac To Buy: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

Best Air Condtioner

  1. The first thing that one has to know is how the conditioner works and its composition. A split air conditioner is made up of two parts; the condenser and an evaporating coil. The conditioner works in such an easy way whereby the gas has to be compressed, then cooled before being allowed to enter the evaporating coil.
  2. The coil is used in cooling the air in circular motions and finally, the cool air is forced into the room with the help of the blower. When one is shopping for the split air conditioner, he/she has to bear in mind that the conditioners are found in two varieties and it is therefore good for one to make a choice on which one to pick.
  3. The first type is the central cooling system while the other one is the unit split air conditioner. The unit conditioner is just a box that one has to put in his/her window while the central cooling system is meant for the entire house because all the rooms will be cooled through the vents.
  4. These two types are suitable depending on the size of the house thus if one lives in a small apartment, the right choice would be the unit split air conditioner. This conditioner is also cheaper as compared to the central cooling system. The central system is bets for the large houses though it is expensive.
  5. Split air conditioner unit are necessary for comfy living throughout the summer months, made use of for cooling and do use a fair amount of money of electricity, so when in the market for one be sure and look for one that has a high energy star rating for cooling.
  6. This rating will be found on a sticker label attached to the device as well as a tag attached to the unit and on the box that the system is packed in. Reverse cycle, self-contained split air conditioner chillers offer the advantage of allowing customers to turn modules in a range of mixes.
  7. Turning the modules, or air vents, either horizontally or vertically allows consumers to direct the airflow in specific instructions. This function can be found in window or tower systems. AC unit works very well when room doors are closed from the areas that do not have to be cooled.
  8. Lots of conditioners now come with push-button control systems, making it practical for customers, particularly those who might not be ambulatory. Lots of device designs are now made with digital thermostats which can be set, similar to all built in room AC, to a preferred temperature level setting. (Best ac brand in India? It’s easy if you do it smart)
  9. The split air conditioner will then switch on or off when the room reaches the desired setting. split air conditioners functional scores are available between Rs 3,500 to Rs 6,000 per season.
  10. The optimal temperature for the AC unit is 24 – 28 degrees. When in the market for a split air conditioner, whether it be a window device, tower or even an external unit it is necessary that one invest research study time to ensure that the utmost system you acquire will be the one that satisfies your personal requirements. Although, AC price in India is reduced drastically due to heavy competition between brands. This the best advice you could ever get about the best inverter ac in India.

Did you like our AC buying guide? Check our washing machine buying guide here.

Important Tips To Buy and Maintain Cheap Air Conditioners

Split air conditioning models (AC units) are becoming popular because of those wishing to save money on their particular once a month air conditioning payments, and also in instances when they wish to redesign an adult building without area provided for substantial air ducts.

This split air conditioning review will help you find a straightforward know on split air conditioners. Seeing this little record you’ll be able to figure out irrespective of whether a duct-free AC unit could be right for the requirements of split air conditioning your own home.

Best AC for Home Use

split air conditioning methods may also be referred to as mini-split methods. The master of split air conditioning is at breaking up the cooling, or the evaporating, inside of, unit, through the air compressor, or condenser device outside. That way, the sound stays outside of the place as the cooling consequence is present and effective.

The truth is, the noise of the inside unit might be compared to that with the noise of the ceiling fan, or significantly less. The within the unit is basically whisper settled. That compares beneficially with through-the-wall Air conditioning units or window Air conditioning units.

split air conditioner performs similarly to a freezer. A refrigerant liquid is compressed within the outside device, next transported on the inside unit. At this time there it can be quickly expanded, triggering difficult cooling with the coil. A blower produces the room air within the cooling coil, creating the heat that can then be shifted with the bedroom air towards refrigerant liquid. That heated liquid will be transferred external unit, where it’s compressed, condensed.

The cycle then repeats by itself. The sole predicament for the useful operation of the cooling cycle is the fact by increasing the refrigerant liquid, the temperature of that liquid gets to be below the temperature with the room, knowing that compressing that refrigerant within the outdoors unit, the temperature becomes more than the outside temperature.

When these conditions are met, the system will work proficiently. Energy reductions of a split air conditioning system. The energy cost savings of a breakup split air conditioning system primarily originate on the undeniable fact that you may command a single room in a house if you decide to.

Cooling is managed per on the inside unit by way of a convenient handheld remote control or making use of timers which usually, yet again, are room tangible. This results in more split air conditioning cost savings. An additional effectivity of mini-split AC units compared with the ducted air conditioning systems, is there are certainly no deficits of energy in ducts.

The next supply of energy financial savings with a split air conditioning could be the actual separating from the condenser along with the evaporator units

Best AC for offfice use

In the strong summer heat, there is no better way to cool off than a good air conditioner. If you are on a tight budget though, a cheap air conditioner is a necessity. There is nothing worse being stuck indoors on a hot day with no air conditioning. It can be hard to concentrate, we will feel tired, and also we are going to sweat.

If you have no choice but to stay inside then you will need a good air conditioning unit to make the atmosphere more pleasant and tolerable. Air conditioning is the process of cooling a room, home, or building, by using a unit that controls temperature, humidity, and the distribution of air. There are three main devices: compressor, condenser, and evaporator.

These components work to draw heat out of the air and circulate cool air. There are different types of units available such as central units which cools an entire home or building and split air conditioning which is split into indoor and outdoor mechanisms. The quality will vary and so also is the quality of their services and the efficiency of the work output. There are expensive and of course cheap ones. (Also, Check our post on best AC company in India.

With the present economic downturn, and the rise in the rate of inflation, many will rather want to opt for cheap air conditioners, but the question is how do we buy and maintain cheap air conditioners that will provide you with the type of cooling that we require?

There are a number of useful air conditioner buying tips that will ensure that you make the right purchase of very good air conditioner at a reasonable price. These tips will also be of paramount importance not only to get the best deals on air conditioning systems but also to help you maintain the device for maximum efficiency and longer life span.

Air Conditioner Tips

Important Tips;

Access to Best Deal.

To start with you need to consult a professional in the field of home appliances, specifically air conditioners, before purchasing an air conditioning unit. The expert will have to visit your house or, perhaps, office to make some important observations. Here, he or she will examine the amount of space that you want to cool; is it a large area or small?

How many people share the room? And what types of windows are present? With this, the experts will be able to make recommendations on how to save money on air conditioning based on your specific needs.

The size and power of air conditioning units can vary considerably, so you need to make necessary research with the help of experts in the industry and be sure whether particular models will be suitable for the room that you have in mind and this will also help you to have access to the best deals to purchase cheap air conditioners.

Regular Maintenance;

If you have already installed an air conditioner at your home or at your office then you need to look upon a few things which are really important. Heating, ventilating and air conditioning issues or HVAC might have bothered you for some time. It is necessary to keep a check on the air conditioners and heating systems installed in your home.

Tips for Choosing Best Split AC

It might be a slight technical snag that can take a toll on the machine if not taken care of in time. It is necessary that you employ the services of air conditioning contractors who possess the technical expertise to repair a nonfunctional air conditioner. They can also help you to upgrade the system and inform you when it is time to buy a new one.

Though with the persistence rate of inflation and the ever-rising cost of living, many of us are always looking for new ways to save money and one way to achieve this is in do-it-yourself home maintenance.

However, while there are lots of simple repairs you can undertake yourself; it is often not a good idea to be your own heating and air conditioning, technician. Homeowners may be inspired by DIY shows on TV, but DIY approach on conditioning systems whether at home or in the office has many dangers, and in some cases, it can end up costing you a lot more money in the long run.

An air conditioner as everybody knows is a modern device specifically designed to stabilize the air humidity and temperature within an area {please note here; that the device is multi-purpose, as it is used for cooling as well as heating, depending on the air properties at a given time}.

It uses a refrigeration cycle or evaporation for comfort cooling in buildings as well as motor vehicles. It is considered a very tough piece of equipment and engineered to withstand all sorts of abuse and keep on running. But one important thing to know is that without proper and periodic maintenance, an air conditioner loses about five percent of its original efficiency for each year of operation.

It has been observed from various studies that with regular maintenance an act will maintain up to ninety-five of its original efficiency. People need to understand that there are several complex devices working in the heating and air conditioning appliance of a house or an office.

In this case, the installation, maintenance, and repairs of all these devices require professional skills and the use of modern tools, which can only be achieved by experts in the industry. These are heating and air conditioners contactors.

They are a team of professionals who understand the air conditioning system in your homes and offices perfectly and also the way in which it can have an impact on the health of everybody around. They have in-depth knowledge of every aspect of your air conditions system and are equipped with state-of-the-art-equipments to offer their clients first-class services.

So, It is not an awkward moment to realize that Indecorous air flow, perhaps, because of problems, as a results of a low coolant level, cooling coil fins clogged with filth, muddy condenser, a dirty blower fan filter, and numerous other filth can easily and significantly reduce the work- output of these devices in your home or office and can even reduce their life span.

To maintain the original efficiency of this device, it is essential to give maximum attention to the progress of your air conditioners and prioritize their regular servicing, by professionals. Also, check out Tips on LED TV.

Best AC Brands in India

Best AC Brands in India

Why you should stop spending more time thinking about the best split AC brand in India?

Here are the top ac brands in India as per our opinion:

  1. Bluestar
  2. LG
  3. Mitsubishi
  4. Voltas
  5. Daikin
  6. Godrej
  7. BPL
  8. Whirlpool
  9. GE
  10. Carrier

Determining the right place to install the split air conditioner

Now, surely you have got your answer about which company ac is best in india. No lets talk about installation, Split air conditioners have developed into a crucial component of a lot of households and you’ll find many different split air conditioners obtainable in the marketplace for distinct costs, serving unique purposes and beneath diverse brand names. Shopping for an AC will not be in any respect complicated, owing to the lots of businesses promoting them nowadays.

The tougher job will be the installation as soon as the unit has been bought. Appropriate installation is really critical because it has fairly a bearing on the actual impact of the split air conditioner. Incorrect installation can result in high electrical energy bills, poor cooling air circulation, in addition to maintenance problems.

Quite a few studies have confirmed that split air conditioners which can be improperly installed cut down its capacity and efficiency by extra than twenty %. Incorrect airflow problems are yet another prevalent trouble with improper AC installations. In reality, suitable split air conditioner installation is among the 4 components required to preserve an economical, effective and comfy cooling method.

You can find 4 issues that a single will need to maintain in thoughts when installing the split air conditioner. 1st, it’s critical that the airflow over the fan coil unit goes via the forced air duct program within the air handler. Secondly, the refrigerant charge should be at the correct level. Third, the outside air supply unit should be fixed inside the proper location.

Installation of Air Conditioner

Finally, the control program, in particular, the thermostat that turns the gear on and off, should be at a hand attain. These basic installation guidelines are applicable to all installations. split air conditioners include an installation guide that really should be read thoroughly and can prove to be very an asset.

On the other hand, today pretty much all organizations present to send a technician to your house or organization to install the split air conditioner, and it’s advisable to let an installation skilled manage the work.

Before you go out to shop a split air conditioner, it is best for one to decide on the room or place that he/she wants to make use of the conditioner. One also has to determine the measurements of the room that the conditioner will be used in cooling.

In case one wants to buy a split air conditioner for a room that is connected to the adjacent space through the open door, the conditioner should be able to circulate the cool air for the two rooms. One thing that one has to always bear in mind is that cool air never travels around corners thus a split air conditioner should never be placed in a corner of the room.

Split AC Installation - Best Split AC for Home

Measuring the windows and rooms before buying the split air conditioner

The room size is a factor that has to be put into consideration before buying any type of split air conditioner. Taking the right measurements of the room is important and this has to be done in terms of the length, height, and width.

The window is also to be measured in order to get the right conditioner that will fit in it. When one has all the required measurements, then he/she is good to go shopping but the measuring tape has to be carried along in order to get the right split air conditioner that meets the measurements that were taken.

Basic Function of Split AC

Basic functions of any split air conditioner include:

  • Turning the split air conditioner on and off;
  • Selecting an operation mode;
  • Adjusting air flow direction.

You can operate your split air conditioner by pressing the buttons on the remote control or using buttons on the indoor unit.

Air Conditioner Modes

Auto mode of the split air conditioner allows automatically set the temperature and fan speed depending on the room temperature detected by the built-in temperature sensor.

In cool mode, the split air conditioner cools your room and you can adjust the temperature and fan speed to make cooler in hot summer months.

In dry mode (which can be optional in some models of split air conditioners depending on the manufacturer) the split air conditioner acts like a dehumidifier by removing moisture from the indoor air. In the humid climate, this functions allows making the air refreshing.

Fan mode is indicated for room ventilation and refreshing the stale air in the room. It is very convenient for badly ventilated rooms.

Heat mode allows warming the room in cold months of winter. This mode can be optional in old models of split air conditioners; modern models usually have this mode as a basic function.

One of the basic functions available in practically all models is adjusting the air flow direction. Airflow can be directed to the desired position. In vertical air, flow blades move up and down. In horizontal air flow, the blades move left or right to keep the airflow direction in a constant position a person prefers.

Split AC Maintenance

Split AC Maintenance & Troubleshooting


In order to have the longevity of the split air conditioner in terms of cooling the house, its maintenance has to be upheld. The task of maintaining the split air conditioner is easier as compared to the cleaning process. First, one is able to save up on time and costs of buying another one.

The reason as to why the conditioner has to be maintained is to have it working properly and for a longer period of time. For the maintenance of the split air conditioner to be done as expected, one has to have the full details on how it should be carried out.

Before one can take the chance to maintain his/her split air conditioner, there are certain things that must be in place or within access. One has to be in possession of the screwdriver, chlorine bleach, and the shop vac together with soap and water.

The essence of the screwdriver is to remove the screws in order to take off the cover to be facilitated the maintenance of the conditioner. The first thing that one has to do is to unplug the split air conditioner from the power source. Once the power has been turned off, the front cover of the conditioner should be removed.

This will enable one to remove the filter from the unit. With the use of water and soap, one should be able to clean the filter that should be followed with squeezing the water out of the filter and finally letting it dry. If there is a torn filter, it should be replaced to facilitate the proper functioning of the split air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Cleaning

Effectively maintained, split air conditioners will adequately cool your property for years. With just slightly work and effort, yours will need to have the ability to sufficiently get you by way of the hot and sweaty summer time months. Tranes are top of the line devices that come equipped with decent warranties but they nonetheless ought to be kept in a beneficial problem.

Unplug your split air conditioner periodically and carefully get rid of its outer cover. In most models, the filter is situated within the back by the coils. Otherwise, they’ll be fastened inside the front. If it is torn or damaged in any way it’ll be replaced.

Otherwise, take the split air conditioner’s filter out and location it in a bowl or sink filled with warm water. Let it soak after which scrub it gently with soap. Squeeze out as significantly water as you may and set the filter aside to let it air dry.

Because the filter is drying out, carefully wipe the rest of the device off. Having a clean towel, clean each the outside cover and across the springs inside. Replace the fully dry filter and snap the split air conditioner’s cover back into location.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

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Occasionally the device’s drainage program will be drained and flushed too. The drain tube is situated inside the back of the split air conditioner and is usually simply eliminated. Run an extended brush or wire by way of to tube to clear out any blockage that could have formed. To clean it additionally, pour a cup of diluted bleach by way of the tube also prior to reattaching it.

So as to assure that your split air conditioners are operating at full capacity, you will sustain them on a regular basis. Checking their filters and drainage tube at the least twice a year is really a great notion. Nonetheless, if you’re experiencing difficulties along with your air conditioning within your residence or workplace, you might clean them out additional generally.

When you really feel that the maintenance is an excessive amount of for you personally, take into account hiring a repairman to complete it for you personally. It could be a great concept to replace the air filters within your house periodically also as they can play a large component within the running of the machine.

Having an expert periodically appear at the device and clean it out often will guarantee that the split air conditioner is capable to maintain your home cool for a lot of summers to come.

Air Conditioning Tips: We all know that running a split air conditioner through the summer months can get costly. Most people simply don’t understand that they’re letting their hard-earned dollars be swept away due to improper or poorly maintained split air conditioners.

Air Condition Gas Charging

Saving money, however, isn’t that hard if you follow these 5 air conditioning tips, you’ll be able to decrease the cost of running your split air conditioner at any time of the year.  

Air  Conditioner Maintenance Checklist Tips

Tip #1

If you’ve never checked the filter in your split air conditioner before, this is one of the fastest and quickest air conditioning tips that can save you money in the long term. The filer for your split air conditioner is usually located by the blower door, so ensure to check your filter for excessive dirt build up as this can cause your split air conditioner from running at optimal levels.

Tip #2

The second air conditioning tip you can employ to save yourself money in the long term is to ensure that you have a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat can save you money in so many different ways, and replacing your programmable thermostat is a simple, quick & easy DIY job.

Anytime you have an old or outdated programmable thermostat, you’re literally throwing money out the window. By replacing your programmable thermostat and setting up an effective programming schedule that will keep your house at the desired temperatures both when you’re there and not there, you can keep the cost savings to an automated process.

Additionally, you can further enhance your cost savings by purchasing an iOS enabled programmable thermostat that learns from you and can communicate with your iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices.  

Tip #3

One of the biggest air conditioning tips for saving money with your home air conditioning and heating bill is to ensure that all the ducts are properly sealed. You can usually determine whether or not you have a leak in your ducts by shining a bright light near some incense smoke burning close to the ductwork to see if the airflow is altered at all.

If you’re handy, then you can embrace this tip by sealing off the ducts on your own, and if not, just call a service professional in to help you out with the job.  

Maintenance of Air Conditioner

Tip #4

If you’ve never had your split air conditioner maintained in the past before, then calling out a maintenance man to ensure everything is operating smoothly with your split air conditioner is an important part of the air conditioning tips.

You can usually get a free assessment and cost analysis by trusted split air conditioner repair service professionals, but you should certainly call and ask prior to having them arrive at your home.  

Tip #5

The final part of the air conditioning tips that you should follow is to ensure that your outdoor compressor is free of any obstructions that are near it and that you keep all doors in your home open for proper air flow.

In addition to this tip, you should shut off any register vents to rooms that you are not using. By doing this, you’ll be forcing air into only the rooms that are getting used, decreasing the volume of air that needs to be circulated, and in the end saving you money.

Split AC Basic Troubleshooting

We all know how much of a nuisance it can be when our air conditioners break down, especially in the dead of summer’s heat, so here are a few split air conditioner troubleshooting tips that you may be able to use before having to call out a technician.

Of course, these split air conditioner troubleshooting tips are simply a guideline that you can use when you’re experiencing issues with your air conditioning unit. If you feel like you need professional service and you know that there’s a major issue you shouldn’t delay in contacting an air conditioning repair technician in your area.

Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

So when it comes to split air conditioner troubleshooting there’s a couple of different telltale signs that should signal to you that there’s a problem with the cooling condenser.  

Split AC Troubleshooting Guide

1. Condenser Doesn’t Run

When your condenser doesn’t run the split air conditioner troubleshooting tip is to first check if there is power going to the condenser. If there is no power going to the condenser then the next split air conditioner troubleshooting tip would be to check your fuse box to see if you’ve tripped any circuits or if any fuzes are blown.

Another possible cause for your condenser, not running could be that your thermostat is set too high. The split air conditioner troubleshooting tip here would be to change your thermostat setting by 5 degrees to see if this corrects the problem.

The other possible reasons for a condenser not running are that the motor is faulty or the compressor is faulty. If these are the case then you’ll need to call a professional to handle the job for you. It’s not recommended that you repair that yourself if you don’t have experience doing so.

2. Condenser Turns on and Off Rapidly

When your condenser turns on and off rapidly the split air conditioner troubleshooting tip is to check if the condenser or evaporator units are dirty and/or blocked.

It’s recommended that you clean a) clean the condenser coils, b) remove any debris that could be blocking the condenser such as cutting down any grass, weeds, or other foliage obstructions next to it, and c) clean the evaporator.  

3. No Cool Air at All

If you find that you’re not receiving any cool air at all, the split air conditioner troubleshooting tips are that the thermostat may be too high so imply lower the thermostat by 5 degrees to see if the condenser turns on and starts cooling.

This could also be a blocked or dirty condenser or evaporator, so try to remove any debris that could be blocking the condenser such as cutting down any grass, weeds, or other foliage obstructions next to it, and c) clean the evaporator.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

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If your split air conditioner unit still doesn’t cool then that you have a faulty compressor or not enough refrigerant and it’s recommended in these instances that you call a service professional to assist you.

4. Not Enough Cool Air

If you find that you’re not receiving enough cool air, the split air conditioner troubleshooting tips are that the thermostat may be too high so imply lower the thermostat by 5 degrees to see if you begin to receive additional cool air. This could also be a blocked or dirty evaporator problem, so simply try to clean the evaporator.

If your split air conditioner unit still doesn’t cool your home or apartment enough then it could be just because the unit is too small and if that’s the case it’s recommended that you call a service professional and install a larger unit.  

5. Uneven Cool Air

If you find that you’re receiving uneven cool air, then the split air conditioner distribution system is most likely out of balance and the split air conditioner troubleshooting tip would be to balance the system.

You can balance your system by partially closing off some of the vents/registers in the rooms in your house which will cut off some of the airflows to certain areas and increase the airflow to other areas.

How a Split Air Conditioner Works

Split air conditioners are the preferred choice for many residential and office buildings these days. These are air conditioning units that consist of two parts, one in-house and one outside, connected through a small hole of about 3 inches in diameter. This is different from the traditional air conditioners installed at a window (or hole in the wall) as it doesn’t need such a big space in the wall to install.

It is also different from central air conditioning units that have a uniform temperature for the whole building and cannot be controlled on a room-to-room basis. split air conditioners use two tubes to connect the outside unit to the indoor unit via a small hole through the wall, usually about three inches in diameter.

The outdoor unit, called a compressor, is the condensing unit. It releases the hot air from inside the building to the building. It is connected via one of the tubes to the electrical wiring to power itself. The other tube connects the compressor to the indoor unit via a thin refrigerant line, usually made of copper.

How Air Conditioner Works

This carries the refrigerant which absorbs the heat from inside the building to the compressor which releases the heat outside the building. This is how split air conditioners typically operate.

You can control the temperature, fan speed, heater, and a few other parameters by using a remote control device. This allows you to achieve what is called zone-control with your split air conditioners. Zone-control simply means the ability to cool or heat up specific parts of a building independently from the rest of the building.

This not only saves the energy used by your split air conditioners because you can reduce power in areas that do not need it, but it also allows the people in each of the zones to determine the temperature they are most comfortable with. Since different people have different preferences, this can reduce conflict among office workers or family members tremendously.

split air conditioners also have its own filters for each unit. This is located both in the indoor unit as well as in the outdoor compressor. These filters are easy to reach and remove for cleaning. You can use a specialized cleaner or just clean it the usual way.

Outdoor Unit of Split AC

Otherwise, you may also get a contractor to clean and service your split air conditioners on a periodic basis. Uncleaned filters tend to reduce the ability of your split air conditioners to provide the temperature you desire.

Currently, you can purchase basic split air conditioners at affordable prices. Prices have come down in recent times as components get cheaper and technology gets more efficient and more easily available.

However, you can still find a range of prices for split air conditioners as manufacturers offer different types of split air conditioners. Depending on how big an area you want to cool or heat up, you can also find split air conditioners with differing horsepower.

And finally, you can even find those that have indoor units that are pleasing to the eyes and designed to fit the modern decor. So shop around for the type of split air conditioners that fit your needs.

Imagine concerning the highly hot summers using the interiors of the workplace or house emanating hot waves producing it intolerable for you personally to work or loosen up. Had there been no split air conditioners, the earth would have been a challenging location to reside in.

The climate nowadays is far more affected by global warming resulting inside the extremes of climate conditions. The demand for window split air conditioner and split air conditioner has elevated over the years. The marketplace is filled with split air conditioners of various brands in unique capacities and specifications in equally varying costs, but the fundamental objective is identical – cooling the interior space.

You could usually come across two types of window conditioner systems, viz. unitary and wall split air conditioning systems, also termed packaged terminal PTAC systems. The initial sort will be the commonest; you’ll need a wall opening or window with interior controls to location it.

Choosing Best Air Conditioner

The procedure entails blowing of a fan over the evaporator, resulting within the cooling of the interior air. The mechanism thus discharges the interior heated air into the open. The unitary program or window conditioner can cool only a single room at a time. A constructing with numerous rooms or a big home may well install quite a few such individual units to cool every single room separately.

A wall split air conditioner or PTAC method is also known as a ductless program. The mechanism is often a bit distinctive from that of a window split air conditioner. Terminal packages, i.e. two separate units – the evaporative unit on the exterior as well as the condensing unit on the interior – are applied.

The two separated units are linked by a tube by means of the wall. You could adjust every room independently at the exact same time minimizing the interior program footprint. Making use of a wall split conditioner, you could even heat up your rooms throughout the winter.

All you’ll want to use is an electric strip, gas or other heaters. You could also make the method blow hot air by acquiring the refrigerant flow reversed. Gone had been the days when getting a window conditioner or split conditioner produced a hole inside your pocket.

Owning conditioners proved really costly besides paying for the large electrical power bills resulting from additional electrical power consumption. Right now, costs have comparatively come down with power saving selections. You may purchase these items from an online retailer and avail huge discounts. Check out how to calculate AC power consumption here.

With the summer months almost upon us and temperatures already creeping up towards the 30s, it’s in these times that we begin to turn to our salvation, that little life-saving device that sits on our wall: the split air conditioner.

They’re such an important part of our lives, yet we don’t really give them a second thought. It’s there, it keeps us cool and comfortable. You pick up the remote control, set the temperature, and then just sit back and relax. What else do we need to know? But, how does it work?

What’s that on my wall?

The most common form of air conditioning that you’ll find in Australian homes is the split system, so named as it’s split between two units: one that’s inside, usually mounted on your wall, and one that sits outside.

The indoor unit is the most visible part of the system, and probably what you most associate with air conditioning. This long, rectangular box holds an evaporator device and a fan, which blows the air out across the room, sinking as it cools.

The outdoor unit can be found hiding on the other side of the wall, usually at ground level. This is the noisiest part of the system and the part that you’ll hear humming all across your suburb in the hot summer evenings. This part holds a compressor device, which initiates the cooling process.

The two units are connected through the wall by a series of copper pipes and electrical wires, also known as ‘lines’. It’s these lines that differentiate the split system from a ducted system – the small pipes and wires eliminate the need for installing large, expensive, and time-consuming ducts all around your home.

How does it work?

A huge mistake with regards to the concept of air conditioning is the belief that it is a device that works to cool an indoor space. Whilst that is the ultimate purpose of a split air conditioner, it actually works to absorb heat from that space thereby achieving a lower temperature that is actually making the room a lot cooler.

The device will then release a refrigerant, which is essentially a very low-temperature kind of chemical, into the vents and out to the room. This refrigerant is usually called Freon although there are already a number of more environmentally friendly chemicals that are now being used with split air conditioners.

Parts of an air conditioning unit

There are different air conditioning units that may be used in a home, office, or anywhere else in the hope of cooling most indoor spaces. This includes window, ceiling, and full room types. All of these air conditioning units work just like any other regular air conditioning units.

They are all constructed with the simple mantra that ‘cold air goes down and hot air goes up’. That is why indoors, what is visible are the cooling vents and at the back of the unit are the blower and cooling coils. Further back, the fan, compressor, and condenser can all be found. The back part also has exit slots where hot air can eventually be discharged.

But there are times when a split air conditioner stops venting out cool air. This usually happens when there is a problem in the compressor or when the refrigerant is already having problems. The compressor is the pump that compresses the refrigerant whenever cooling a room and as soon as the unit is turned on. When that happens, it is best to get the unit cleaned and inspected for problems.

If the last time of Freon replenishment had been many months ago, then this may be a simple refrigerant issue. But if recharging the air condition unit with refrigerant doesn’t get it working like before then a new compressor should solve the problem.

How does air conditioning work? The mechanism is pretty clever, with the absorption of the high-pressure air in an indoor space in achieving a cooler temperature. Then the venting out of Freon or refrigerant in the room makes the temperature in the room all the lower, and thus cooler.

It’s quite a clever process, really.

To cool the air, the indoor evaporator fan extracts hot air and moisture from the room, sucking it out of the room, and through air filters. This fan pulls the extracted air through a chamber that contains a chilled liquid refrigerant, which absorbs the heat of the air and turns into a gas. This gas then passes out through the copper pipes in the wall and outside to the compressor unit.

Any moisture that’s extracted from the air is blown over the evaporator coils inside the indoor unit, where it condenses into a liquid and is then drained outside. Have you ever wondered what that water is dripping next to your split air conditioner outside? It’s not a leak, it’s the moisture extracted from the air inside your house.

Here’s where it gets really cool (pun definitely intended).

The compressor device in the outside unit circulates the gas, increasing the pressure of the gas higher and higher as it moves through a series of pipes. The gas then goes through a condenser to be processed further.

In the condenser, the cooling system removes the heat from this high-pressure gas, evacuating it out of the unit. That’s why you get that blast of hot air when you stand next to the outside unit.

This gas then cools and condenses back into a liquid, and this chilled liquid refrigerant is transferred through the pipes back into the evaporator system inside the indoor unit.

Here, the fan blows the warm air back through the chamber containing the chilled liquid refrigerant, cooling it, and pumps this cooled air back into the room.

This operation goes on and on until your house reaches the temperature you want.

Pretty clever, isn’t it?

Using a series of pipes, some fans, and refrigerated gas, split system split air conditioners give you control over temperature and humidity. They even purify the air for you, which is no small benefit when you’re living inner city.

And when the long summer days are just a memory, the ugg boots have come out and you want to use the heating mode, this process is simply reversed.

Now you know how a split air conditioner works, the next step is choosing one that’s right for you.

Types of AC

Types of Air Conditioners


The air conditioner is a device that has the ability to cool or heat a room or space. This device outputs hot or cold air and is called climate control.  Improved devices include extra features such as auto adjustment of the room temperature, automatic shut down, and much more

The ability of the device to make the cooler or warmer is based on the principle of gas compression There are a few types of air conditioners

Window air conditioner

In this type, all the devices are under the same casing. This air conditioner type is relatively low power, because of the place limitation,

its parts are small and less effective. However one of the positive things thing about this air conditioner type is that it is very easy to install, and you can install it by just putting it in the window and surrounding the remaining space with a window.  It is ideal for a bedroom or other small room

Split air conditioner

In this type, the devices are divided into two casings. One casing is for the cold side and the other casing is for the hot side. The cold side contains the air conditioner controls and the ventilator. The hot side contains the compressor and the extra ventilator

Between the two casings, there is a pipe (where the cold and the hot gas pass thru), electric cable, and a drainage pipe. This air conditioner type can be very powerful and the extra plus is that the main noise maker is located outside the building

You can find this air conditioner type in large spaces and areas such as malls, and offices buildings, It works very well for climate control  

Water cooling system

This air conditioner type is used when there is a need to move cold gas long distances between the compressor to the cold part.  In this case, a regular split air conditioner loses its efficiency, so it is highly recommended to use a water cooling system to cool the water to a low temperature by gas, and then moving the water thru the pipe too long distances.

A cooling tower

This air conditioner is more efficient in the process of heat dispersing.   This is used in places where the compressor is a long distance from the area that should be cooled. The water is cooled and sent via pipes to the designated area that is to be cooled and then ventilators are used to cool the pipes. This system is energy saving but uses much more water.

Types of Air Conditioners

Portable  / Mobile Airconditioner

This type of air conditioner is ideal for those who live in rented apartments as it is not connected to any walls and can be moved from room to room or building to building

The motor is placed in a garden or balcony and the air conditioner itself mobile with wheels to enable easy movement.  The motor and the air conditioner is connected by a pipe 2.5 Meters long. This air conditioner gives the power of 9000 BTU and is suitable for small rooms.

What is the energy star rating?

While buying any equipment, the conspicuous considerations that enter our thoughts are the item’s evaluating, utility, fundamental highlights and even its plan to some degree. Estimating anyway is the real integral factor with regards to obtaining machines. Be that as it may, we frequently consider the genuine deal cost and are insensible about the cost of utilizing a specific apparatus while buying.

Since huge apparatuses like fridges, TVs, and so on have a tendency to be usable for a long time, their cost of use adds up to significantly more than we might suspect. Therefore, it must be among the real contemplations while acquiring another machine.

When we discuss the cost of utilizing, a greater part of it constitutes of the power charges we pay. Presently, it’s a repetitive undertaking to translate the power utilization of each apparatus we purchase. This is the place the BEE evaluations become possibly the most important factor. These evaluations are detailed painstakingly and are great easy to get it.

Compare it with seeing the IMDB rating and getting a feeling of how great a film is. Truth be told, it’s significantly easier than that. Higher the BEE rating, more vitality effective is the machine. For apparatuses like Refrigerators which are on 24 hours or ACs which devour critical power, vitality productivity is an essential metric.

This settles on our buying choice way simpler and encourages us in considering vitality productivity while we buy an apparatus. In any case, what is BEE and why is it helping us in buying better?

What is BEE?

BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) is an office set up by the legislature of India to always move towards most extreme vitality productivity. It facilitates with every one of the delegates including the administration, ventures, makers, and buyers so as to accomplish their objectives of a vitality effective country.

Therefore, helping purchasers pick a vitality effective apparatus is only a piece of the entire condition. There are a few projects and activities started by the office to encourage this also. Notwithstanding, the most prominent and boundless among these is the Energy Rating program.

Star evaluations are given to all the significant sort of apparatuses as names. These star evaluations are given out of 5 and they give an essential feeling of how vitality effective every item is, simply in a solitary look. In any case, a considerable measure goes into choosing how vitality effective an apparatus is, the thing that rating it should get and how soon might the rating be refreshed. We should plunge into the subtle elements and make sense of all that you have to think about these Energy Ratings. (Also, Check our post on best AC company in India.)

Who puts the BEE Star Rating marks?

In fact, the producers put these names on their apparatuses. Or on the other hand to be exact, the producers are formally required to put these marks according to the Standards and Labeling Program presented in 2006.

Air Conditioner Energy Star Rating

For what reason do they put these BEE Star Rating marks?

The prime significance of these Star Ratings is to teach and educate buyers about how vitality effective every item is. This additionally makes the maker in charge of making items which are exceedingly vitality proficient as buyers may in the long run incline toward better-appraised items.

A standout amongst the most widely recognized fantasies about the BEE Star Rating is that it is exclusively in light of the apparatus’ capacity utilization. Plenty of variables contribute to planning the last star rating on the item.

In spite of the fact that the makers rate and name the item, BEE sets every one of the principles and standards which should be taken after while rating an apparatus. While some class of machines essentially must be given a star rating, for others it’s discretionary.

Apparatuses which need a vitality rating name compulsorily: without frost icebox, Tubular Fluorescent Lamps, Room Air-Conditioners, Distribution Transformer, Color TV, CST AC, Direct Cool Refrigerator and Electric Geyser.

The tenets and models for each item class are unique and even the time of assembling considerably affects the star rating.

The machines with the most minimal vitality utilization in an item class are given the most stars and those with the most astounding vitality utilization are given the slightest. In the event that you are taking a gander at a 1-ton ventilation system and it has a 5-star rating, it implies that this AC is the most vitality proficient among the various 1-ton AC. Thus, on the off chance that you contrast a 1.5-ton aeration and cooling system and a 1-ton variation in view of star evaluations, this correlation might be mistaken with respect to vitality proficiency.

Likewise, a fridge produced in 2019 may be exceptionally vitality effective and probably got a 5 Star Rating. Be that as it may, a similar cooler may be less vitality productive contrasted with iceboxes in 2020 inferable from enhanced proficiency innovations. Along these lines, BEE keeps on refreshing the star rating and improves the vitality rating program each passing year.

There are two variations of these marks, a major one, and a little rendition.

The enormous vitality rating mark is gone for machines which have a consistent utilization and devour greater power. These names demonstrate extra data, for example, the yearly vitality utilization of the item, mark name, item class and considerably more. For purchasers, this huge mark is useful as it enables you to figure the genuine cash you would spend in power bills for that specific item. Interesting facts I bet you never knew about best split ac in India reviews.

Air Conditioner Energy Saving

Calculation of EER rating

The rate of the heat that is transferred out versus the amount of electricity consumed is referred to as the EER. In other words, it is usually air conditioner British Thermal Units over the wattage. A high EER rating is an indication of the efficiency of the air conditioner. The more efficient the portable air conditioner is, the higher the selling price usually. To know how long it will take to get a return on the unit that is more expensive you need to know:

The rate per kilowatt in the area you are living in.

The approximate number of hours the unit will be in operation each year.

Another example is when buying the unit, you might find two; let’s call them, X and Y, have a similar BTU reading of say, 10,000. In that case, to decide the most efficient one, you will need to look at the watts of each individual unit to calculate the EER. If the Watts for X is 1,000, and that of Y is 1,200, after calculating the EER of each that BTU/W one will find that the EER of X is 10 and that of Y is 8.3. The highest EER is always the best meaning that the unit X will be the more efficient choice than Y.

As a buyer, you need to be aware that not all the BTU ratings are trustworthy. They may be stated high in some of the models, though this may not be the case. There are some manufacturer’s that make these exaggerations to make more sales whilst others are more conservative, so as to keep the EER ratings low. In the FAQ section, you will find out questions answered about best ac in India 1.5 ton.

The higher EER rate is always the best as the system will be more efficient. The national appliance standard requires that all room air conditioners have an EER minimum rating of 8. EER ratings above 12 are described as,” good”, whereas those above 13 are described as “outstanding”. The price difference between the most expensive units could be as high as $100, which seems to be a lot, but the energy that will be saved in the long run is something to consider. Your electricity bill will be lower since the energy being used is lower, this one will not be spending a lot of money.

What is BTU?

BTU is a basic measure of thermal, (heat) energy. The initials are short for British thermal unit. Basically, one BTU is the energy required to raise the temperature of 1 pound, (16 ounces) of water to 1 degree Fahrenheit, (0.55 degrees Celsius). Strangely, this form of measurement is rarely used in Britain, and more commonly seen in countries like America and Canada. BTU is a pre-metric measurement so is more commonly seen in countries where the metric system has not been fully adopted.

BTU Calculation

Even in countries that do use it, there is disagreement over the formula used to derive it. The thermal energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water can vary depending on the initial temperature of the water itself. It can also depend on the method used to heat it. Because of this, it is possible to get various different definitions from a wide variety of sources. This does rarely have a significant impact on product information for the customer.

According to what definition is used, 1 BTU is equal to between 1,054.35 and 1,059.67 joules. If you translate this into wattage this equates to just under a third of a watt-hour, or if you want to get very technical it equates to 0.000293 Kilowatt-hours. Heat is also occasionally calculated through calories. It is measured in heat calories and not to be confused with kilo-calories of food. One BTU equates to 252 heat calories.

If you put BTU in a home-based setting, it is very easy to calculate the energy costs and usage of an appliance such as an air conditioner or a heater. It is pretty straightforward once the BTU is known. Simply convert the rating into kilo-watt hours and check the cost of a kilowatt hour from one of your energy bills. The air-cooling power of an air conditioning system refers to the amount of thermal energy removed from an area. With this in minds as regards to air conditioning systems the higher the BTU output the higher the cooling or heating output.

5 Ways to Save Energy while Using Air Conditioner

There is a direct relationship between the size of your electric bill and whether or not you are doing things in the most efficient manner.  Below are some tips to help you reduce your monthly electric bill:

  1. Insulation

Take a peek in your attic and see how thick the insulation is.  The thicker the insulation, the more your house will hold the cool air.  If you can barely see any insulation in your attic it may be a good idea to pick up a few rolls and install them.  You can also contact a local insulation company and they can quickly use a machine to blow insulation into your attic.

  1. Power rating

Normally, a central air conditioner would use 5KwH if it is in use for a full hour. The size of your bill will depend on the power of the air conditioner and the amount of time for which it is switched on. When you are purchasing a new air conditioning system, check the power output of the unit and look for one that uses the least amount of power.  Make sure however that it is a size which will be effective for the size of your room or house.

Best Air Conditioner in India

  1. Programmable Thermostat

One way of lowering your bill would be to have a programmable thermostat which allows you to adjust the temperature.  Below are some examples of temperature which are normally used to keep your bill down.  Also, if you set the temperature higher, your bill will be lower.

occupied: 68F (20c)

sleeping: 63F (17C)

unoccupied: 63F (17C)

If you don’t currently have a programmable thermostat, you can pick up on at your local hardware store.  The price will vary so it’s best to ask a salesperson to help you determine which unit will best work for your lifestyle.

  1. Keeping your windows closed 

It sounds silly but many times people keep a window open (bathrooms mostly).  Unfortunately, this allows the warm air to come directly into your home making your air conditioner unit work harder, thus increasing your bill.

  1. Insulating Doors

Many homes, especially older ones, have doors or frames which have warped, this creates a gap where warm air can rush into your home.  A simple test would be to run your hand around your doors (and windows) on a windy day and see if you can feel a breeze.  If yes, you can pick up some easily installed insulating foam from a local hardware store and install it yourself to close the gaps.

In many parts of the country having an air conditioning unit makes life bearable.  However, there’s no reason to spend any more money than necessary to cool your home.  By doing these simple checks and fixes you can incrementally reduce your electric bill and use the savings to do something fun with those who mean the most to you.

FAQ about Air Conditioner:

FAQ About Air Conditioner

Which is the Best AC company in India?

  • Bluestar, LG, Daikin (Domestic)
  • Mitsubishi, GE (Heavy Duty)
  • Voltas, Whirlpool, Godrej (Good Quality against Price)

Which is the Best inverter AC 1.5 ton?

  • LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter AC (JS-Q18YUXA) 

Which is the best selling ac in India?

  • #3 Voltas 1.5 Ton Inverter AC (183V DZU/183 VDZU2)

You can find out Best selling ac on Amazon here.

Which is the Best Energy Efficient AC in India?

Which is the best 1.5 ton 5 star split AC with copper condenser?

  • Carrier 1.5 Ton AC (Esko Pro CAS18EO3N8F0) (No. 3 in our list)

Which is the most trusted source for Air Conditioner reviews?

  • We publish most neutral reviews with all pros & cons, however, if you don’t find specific model on our site then you can consider Amazon star ratings submitted by real buyers.

Which is the best cooling AC in India?

  • Blue Star 1 Ton Inverter AC (BI-3CNHW12NAFU)

Which is the best AC brand in the world?

  • Daikin


Choose your Split AC against your initial budget and operating cost (energy charges) although above given ACs are best at their given price. But, Voltas tops the list as Best AC in India against price-performance ratio.

Thanks for reading. Ask me anything in the comment section: Best answers to your questions about top ac in India

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